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Current Pump Inventory


360HP Wheatley HP-360L 7 1/8" Stroke

Triplex Pump - 4" Plungers 

Used Excellent Condition

Steel Fluid End - Was Pumping Condensate

L Bronze Fluid End Available

Wheatley HP-360 National 308T-7

360HP National Oilwell 308T-7L

New Aluminum Bronze Fluid End

Same as Wheatley HP-360L

Full Open Spherical Valves w/Valve Covers

Wheatley HP-360L National 308T-7L Aluminum Bronze Fluid End

160HP Oilwell A-346

Aluminum Bronze Fluid End

3.75" Plungers 

Oilwell A-346


76HP Gaso 3088 3.5" Stroke Triplex

Used Power End Only 

Gaso 3088


Gardner Denver TA-5M

Complete Triplex w/Aluminum Bronze Fluid end 

2.75" Plungers 

Gardner Denver TAE TA5

Oilwell B-558 Power End

Rebuilt 8" Stroke Quintuplex 

Oilwell B-558 Power End

National J-165L

Field Run 5" Stroke Triplex 

National J-165L

Gardner Denver PW-3

Field Run 3" Stroke Triplex 

On Skid w/Vortec 6-Cylinder Natural Gas Engine 

Missing Valve Covers 

Gardner Denver PW-3 w/Vortec Natural Gas Engine


Union TX-150

Used 5" Stroke Triplex 

5.77:1 Gears (2) Available 

Union TX-150 TX-125

National J-150

Used 5" Stroke Triplex Power End 

National J-150

Weatherford T270

Used 6" Stroke Triplex 

W/Falk Gear Reducer And 200HP Motor 

Weatherford T270 2350


Becker BK-P300

Used 7 1/8" Stroke Quintuplex 

Power End Only 

Becker BK-P300



Used 3" Stroke Triplex 

Steel Fluid End 

Oilwell B-323

Weir CA1G 72-40T Centrifugal

16 x 24-28 DI/BRZ 

13,925 GPM @ 260 TDH 

Unused Surplus 

Weir CA1G 72-40T Centrifugal

NLB 10250 Union QD-200

Used 4 1/4" Quintuplex 

Power Frame, Crankshaft, Rods 

Partial SS 10250 Fluid End 

NLB 10250 Union QD-200