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Current Pump Inventory - Forged Steel - Cast Iron - Aluminum Bronze Fluid Ends

360HP National Oilwell 308T-7L 7 1/8"

Stroke Triplex Pump - 4" Plungers - QTY 3 Available

Used Excellent Condition - Same as Wheatley

HP-360L - Steel Fluid Ends - Was in Crude

Oil Service - "L" and "M" Bronze Fluid Ends Available

360HP Wheatley HP-360L 7 1/8" Stroke

Triplex Pump - 4" Plungers 

Used Excellent Condition - Same as National 308T-7L

Steel Fluid End - Was in Crude Oil Service

"L" and "M" Bronze Fluid Ends Available

360HP National Oilwell 308T-7L

New Aluminum Bronze Fluid End

Same as Wheatley HP-360L

Full Open Spherical Valves w/Valve Covers


300HP National Oilwell 300Q-5

5" Stroke Quintuplex Crankshaft

New - Same as National J-275

267HP National Oilwell A-546 6" Stroke Used 

Quintuplex Pumps - 3" Plungers - QTY 2 Available

Same as National 267Q-6L - Aluminum Bronze

Fluid Ends - 1 Pump in Rebuild Process

205HP Gardner Denver GD-205T 5" Stroke

Used Triplex Pump Power End 

For All GD 5" Stroke Triplex Fluid Ends


150HP - 205HP Gardner Denver 5" Stroke Triplex

TA5 TAE GD-150T GD-180T GD-205T 

Used High Pressure Forged Steel Fluid End

1 5/8" Tungsten Carbide Plungers - 6355psi Max 

180HP Gardner Denver GD-180TDEA 5" Stroke

Used Triplex Pump Package - Low Pressure 

Aluminum Bronze Fluid End - 4" Ceramic Plungers

Lubrication Assy -  125HP Baldor Electric Motor

165HP Ingersoll Rand - Aldrich 5" Stroke

Used 1x6HA-3 - Triplex Pump - High Pressure 

Forged Steel Fluid End

3/4" Tungsten Carbide Plungers - 22,000psi Max 

160HP Wheatley HP-160M 5" Stroke

Used Triplex Pump - Medium Pressure 

Aluminum Bronze Fluid End - 2.25" Ceramic Plungers

Fluid End Same as HP-250M HP360M 308T-7M

140HP Aplex CA-125M MA-140M 5" Stroke

Used Triplex Pump - On Skid - No Motor - QTY 2 

Forged Steel Fluid End - 2 5/8" TC Plungers


100HP Wheatley HP-100L 4.5" Stroke

Used Triplex Pump - Low Pressure 

Aluminum Bronze Fluid End - 2.75" Ceramic Plungers

On Skid w/50HP 1180rpm Toshiba Electric Motor

76HP Gaso 3088 3.5" Stroke Triplex

Used Power End Only 

Field Run - Turns through easy