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Pump packing, for liquid ends of direct acting and power pumps, is used to provide a seal around a rod, plunger, or piston. For a piston, the packing is contained in a groove in the piston, and moves with the piston. For a rod or plunger, the packing is stationary and is contained by a stuffing box.

PPP stocks and sources most plunger pump packing and brass - lantern rings, throat bushings, junk rings, followers, washers and glands.

838 (J-Style)

Is the most common plunger pump packing. It is comprised of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) with synthetic fabric around rigid phenolic core, medium hard, black. 838 packing is rated from -10 to +180°F, and up to 2,500psi. It is resistant to light and heavy hydrocarbons (liquids and gasses), propane, butane, gasoline, fresh water, saltwater, mild acids, mild chemicals, and most hydraulic fluids.

858 (Gold)

Is a plunger pump packing that is harder and tolerates higher temperatures, pressures, and abrasive fluids, than the traditional J-style 838 packing. It is made with high temperature resistant hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) with high strength synthetic fabric around a rigid phenolic core. 858 Gold packing is rated from -10 to +300°F, and up to 5,000psi. It is resistant to hydrocarbons, acids, H2S below 6%, abrasive fluids, fresh water, saltwater, propane, butane, gasoline, light or heavy oils, mild chemicals and acids, and most hydraulic fluids.

PPP also offers optional packing styles and materials for sale, such as Teflon, Kevlar, spring loaded packing, compression packing, die-formed packing sets, lip type packing, adjustable and non-adjustable, (V-Ring aka Chevron), PTFE (plastic), and others for the following types of low pressure high volume and high pressure low volume pumping services: produced water both saltwater and fresh water, NGL, gasoline, general service, acids, caustics, amine, glycol, RO, dirty liquid service, bentonite (mud), alkalis, and hydroxides.

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