Plunger And Piston Pump Valves For

Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex And Quintuplex Pumps


Liquid End Valves in the liquid end of a reciprocating pump are simply check valves. They are opened by liquid differential pressure only, not by any mechanical device.


PPP offers a variety of valves for different pumping applications. The most common valves we offer are Disc Valves and Abrasion Resistant (AR) valves.


Disc Valves

Disc valves, also known as stem-guided plate valves, are the most common valves used in reciprocating pumps. They are guided by bolts or studs in the center of the discs and are available in a variety of pressure ratings and material combinations. PPP offers Delrin®, Titanium, or 316 stainless steel discs (plates), with 316 stainless steel, Monel or aluminum bronze seats and spring retainers. The springs are made with shot peened Iconel® metal. Typical services for Delrin® disc valves are pumping non-abrasive clean cool liquids, sea water, saltwater, and RO water at ambient temperatures and up to 120°F and 2,000psi max. Stainless steel, Monel, and Titanium discs/plates are preferred when pumping amine, NGL, crude oil, and other hot liquids up to 250°F and 5,000psi. They also have some abrasive capabilities unlike Delrin® discs/plates.


                                                           Abrasion Resistant AR Valves

Abrasion resistant, aka AR valves, are an “open flow” design, recommended for abrasive pumping applications, such as saltwater disposal, workover applications, and slurries such as mud/bentonite pumping. AR valves can be fitted with a polyurethane insert for pumping when temperatures are below 160°F. When pumping over 160°F, we highly recommend to use metal on metal, without an insert. PPP offers both hardened 17-4 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel seats and twin guided plates. The cages are made of 316 stainless steel. The springs are shot peened Iconel® metal.

PPP also offers other valve assemblies for sale, such as dual stem valves, ball valves, wing guided valves, cage-type valves, elastomeric valves, severe duty valves and spherical valves (bell valves).

In addition to supplying valves, PPP supplies valve pullers for most types of valves.


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