Plunger And Piston Pump Power End Frame Parts

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Permian Pump & Power stocks and sources OEM and aftermarket power end parts for most major power pump brands. If we don’t have the parts on the shelf, here in Odessa Texas, we can source them through other vendors in our vast network of suppliers nationwide.

Parts Diagram Example: Gardner Denver TDD



PPP offers most used, rebuilt and new power end pump parts for sale, including main bearings, rod bearings, crankshafts, wrist pins, bushings, connecting rods and seals and gaskets.


We also stock and source the following parts:

Power Frame - Power End - Crankcase - Gasket - Seal - Cap Screw - Air Breather - Stud - Nut - Oil Gauge - Drain Plug - Bearing Cup - Bearing Cone - Roller Bearing - Bearing Housing - Shim Kit - Crosshead - Crosshead Bushing - Wiper Box - Connecting Rod - Power End Gasket Kit - Connecting Rod Bearing - Crankcase Cover - Power End Adaptor - Gear Reducer - Integral Gearbox


Gaso - Wheatley - National - Oilwell - Gardner Denver - FMC - Bethlehem - Union - Aplex - Kerr



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Most Parts Ship From The Odessa - Midland Texas Area, Here In The West Texas Permian Basin