National Gaso Wheatley Plunger And Piston Pump Parts List 29


National, NOV, Gaso and Wheatley Pumps And Parts For Sale At Permian Pump And Power, LLC In Odessa Texas - In The West Texas Permian Basin


Parts GAS-106714-B27 - GDTA3150PR

1 GAS-106714-B27 T10*PIN,XHD,STL GAS-108106-A05 J54U*SEAT,VLV,DISCH,SS,UNFD GAS-112533-000 3313-A*CONNROD,ASSY
2 GAS-106716-B24 T10*BRG,XHD PIN,BRZ GAS-108107-A05 J52U*SEAT,VLV,SUCT,SS,UNFD GAS-112534-000 REPLACED BY 100-058234-290
4 GAS-106719-000 PULLER PLATE,T450-5 GAS-108109-B15 J52U*SEAT,VLV,SUCT,SS,UNFD GAS-112593-000 11144/249/1426*PKG UNIT
5 GAS-106723-C05 T10*RET,CSHAFT MN BRG,STL GAS-108112-000 W28-B*HEAD, PULLER/OPN AB GAS-112596-000 T10*PKG,BRD,238,07
6 GAS-106725-000 OIL SEAL,CRANKSHAFT,T10 GAS-108113-000 W113-D*ASSY, PULLER, 3776 GAS-112602-000 ALLEN WRENCH, 5/8"
7 GAS-106726-000 T10*BRG,CR,CRK (2 PER BRG) GAS-108114-000 64185/8921-K/2230*PKG UNIT GAS-112621-000 ZK14A*SHV,6.4PD 1-A,SOL,4.439
8 GAS-106727-000 CPSCR,SKT HD,3/8 X 1-1/2 DRL GAS-108116-000 3217-A*CONNROD,ASSY GAS-112632-000 F6DI1424*GL, LTRN
9 GAS-106730-000 OIL SEAL, STFG BOX GAS-108125-000 W113-D*ASSY, PULLER, 3775 GAS-112636-B06 L36*STFG BOX,LE,SS/OPN AB
10 GAS-106737-000 BODY, L.E.,STL T10-3 GAS-108701-000 3208A/DI*CRK W/WEAR RGS GAS-112648-B22 7111*PLGR,36,17-4 SS
11 GAS-106739-000 T10-3*COV,VLV,THD,SS GAS-108702-000 3208A-C/DI*CRK L/WEAR RG GAS-112715-000 SCR,SET,KN-CUP,CSK,1/4-20X CFS
12 GAS-106754-000 STFG BOX, STL/OPN AB/M222 GAS-108703-B16 F82*SPR,HLCL,7.4#,INL/OPN DE GAS-112747-000 CPSCR,SKT HD,DRLD,3/8-16X1-1/4
13 GAS-106761-A02 T10*GLD,LE,10-13,DI/OPN 002 GAS-108705-B16 F83*SPR,HLCL,10.8#,INL/OPN DG GAS-112748-000 CPSCR,SKT HD,DRLD,3/8-16X5/8
14 GAS-106770-B24 T10*RG,FOL,LE,10,BRZ/ OPN AA GAS-108706-B16 F83*SPR,HLCL,14.2#,INL/OPN DH GAS-112787-000 T10-3*PKG,BRD,238,1320
15 GAS-106771-B24 T10*RG,FOL,LE,11,BRZ/OPN AB GAS-108713-A05 RTNR,VLV,CF8M,SS GAS-112935-000 ADPTR,90,02TX03NPT,STL
16 GAS-106773-B24 T10*RG,FOL,LE,13,BRZ/OPN AD GAS-108716-G10 J51U*DISC,VLV,UNFD,DEL GAS-112936-000 ADPTR,04MNPTX02T,STL
17 GAS-106781-E33 T10*PLGR,13,CER/ OPN 003 GAS-108718-B23 J5OU*DISC,VLV,UNFD,SS GAS-112937-000 ADPTR,90,03MJICX02FNPT,STL
18 GAS-106782-E22 T10*PLGR 1.00 TC TD GS 1.50 GAS-108732-000 J53U-SS/D*ASSY,VLV,UNIFIED GAS-112972-000 NO REORDER USE 100SD0502
19 GAS-106784-E22 T10*PLGR 1.25 TC TD GS 1.50 GAS-108736-000 J53U/CF8M/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-113005-000 H7/3*PKG,PE,LIP TYPE,842,2435
20 GAS-106785-E22 T10*PLGR 1.38 TC TD GS 1.50 GAS-108820-000 J53U/H1150/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-113039-000 FTG,LUB,1 SAE O-RG X 1 MJIC,ST
21 GAS-106787-E23 T10*PLGR 1.13 TCPR TD GS 1.50 GAS-108840-000 J55U-SS/D*ASSY,VLV,UNIFIED GAS-113040-000 FTG,LUB,90,1SAE O-RGX1JICM,STL
22 GAS-106794-G14 T10*BAF,PLGR ROD,RBR GAS-108844-000 J55U/CF8M/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-113041-000 FTG,LUB,1 NPTF X 1 SAE O-RG,ST
23 GAS-106795-A02 F6*RG,LTRN,LE,2030,DI GAS-108928-000 J55U/H1150/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-113079-000 64251*PKG,BRD,238,142416,3364S
24 GAS-106818-000 BRG, CRK, MAIN, T10-3 GAS-109151-A05 F72U*SEAT,UNFD VLV,SS GAS-113120-000 FTG,LUB,06MNPT X 10MNPT,STL
25 GAS-106826-000 OIL TROUGH F/1500 GAS-109152-A12 F72U*SEAT,UNFD VLV,17-4SS GAS-113144-000 2614-G1/2*GSKT,HALF RG,PIN BRG
26 GAS-106843-B34 B90*SPR,HLCL,50#,STL/OPN AC GAS-109157-G10 F87U*DISC,VLV,UNFD,DEL GAS-113146-000 92115*PKG,BRD,238,304026
27 GAS-106846-A02 1112*RG,LTRN,LE,1426,DI GAS-109160-B23 F71U*DISC,VLV,UNFD,SS GAS-113149-000 64252*PKG,BRD,238,162417
28 GAS-106867-000 DOWEL PIN,5/16" X 5/8",STL CFS GAS-109180-000 F95U/CF8M/D*ASSY,VLV GAS-113246-000 J42*PKG,838,2432,PS-838-24-2
29 GAS-106868-000 COVER, PLGR OPENING GAS-109184-000 F95U/CF8M/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-113256-000 ST ADPTR, 06T X 06PM,SS
30 GAS-106876-000 8211/838/3340*PKG UNIT GAS-109281-000 F95U/H1150/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-113330-000 H7/4*PKG,PE,LIP TYPE,842,2435
31 GAS-106877-B24 8212*RG,LTRN,LE,3340/OPN AS GAS-109322-A05 A82U*SEAT,UNFD VLV,SS GAS-113447-000 70-20*PKG,838,6676
32 GAS-106882-B03 HDL,CYL HD,STL GAS-109328-A05 RTNR,VLV,CF8M,SS GAS-113450-000 T45-1C*PF,GI
33 GAS-106884-F02 FLG,1.5"-1500#RTJWN,MIL,MACH,S GAS-109331-G10 H39U*DISC,VLV,UNFD,DEL GAS-113451-000 T45-3RL*COV,CRKC,STL,REAR,LGE
35 GAS-106924-B24 T10*RG,FOL,LE,14,BRZ/OPN AE GAS-109551-A05 C23U*SEAT,UNFD VLV,SS GAS-113453-000 15-16CP-H/B40*HD/OPN AK/316
36 GAS-106952-E22 T10*PLGR 1.50 TC TD GS 1.50 GAS-109552-A12 C23U*SEAT,UNFD VLV,17-4SS GAS-113457-000 MURPHY A25-P100
37 GAS-106954-E22 T10*PLGR 1.75 TC TD GS 1.50 GAS-109586-000 L63U/CF8M/D*ASSY,VLV GAS-113528-000 5223-H*SPR,HLCL,46.5#/OPN AA
38 GAS-106988-000 COVER, EXT, T10 POWER END GAS-109598-000 L63U/CF8M/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-113659-A02 3305-AD*CSHAFT,34PIN,DBL_EX,DI
39 GAS-107006-000 BUSHING, 3/4 NPT TO 1/2 NPT MI GAS-109754-000 L63U/H1150/D*ASSY,VLV GAS-113671-000 FTG,CONN,M,02TX03NPT,BS CFS
40 GAS-107013-000 64185*PKG,BRD,238,2230 GAS-109766-000 L63U/H1150/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-113693-000 3300*COVER,DBL EXT CSHAFT,STL
41 GAS-107017-000 PULLEY,DRVR PRES LUB,72H100 SP GAS-109809-A05 L74U*SEAT,UNFD VLV,DISCH,SS GAS-113723-000 3300 PE STOCK,DBL EXT CRK
42 GAS-107018-000 PULLEY,DRVR PRES LUBE,20H100 GAS-109853-000 L75U/CF8M/D*ASSY,VLV GAS-113725-000 64184*PKG,BRD,249,2030X15/16
43 GAS-107019-000 BELT,TIMING,540H075 GAS-109865-000 L75U/CF8M/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-113736-000 3305-AD*CSHAFT,34 PIN,W/WR RGS
44 GAS-107020-000 HAIGHT 20DR W/OUTBOARD BRG BKT GAS-10SV2S-000 REPLACED BY 001DP1001 GAS-113738-000 REPLACED BY 100SD9001
45 GAS-107036-B16 SPR,HLCL,6#,INL/OPN BE GAS-110004-B16 SPR,HLCL,25.1#,INL/OPN DJ GAS-113793-000 3200*CSHAFT REPLACEMENT KIT
46 GAS-107039-A05 T10-2*VLV BODY,WG,SS GAS-110005-B16 SPR,HLCL,34.7#,INL/OPN DK GAS-113831-000 3300B* PE STOCK SINGLE EXT CRK
47 GAS-107041-E33 T10*PLGR,06,CER GAS-110006-B16 SPR,HLCL,77.3#,INL/OPN DL GAS-113839-000 PKG SET 6618 102060 2888-2 DP
48 GAS-107043-E22 PLGR 0.75 TC TD GS 1.50 STK GAS-110007-B16 SPR,HLCL,18.7#,INL/OPN DM GAS-113848-000 PKG 6618 DBL PKD S-BOX 102060
49 GAS-107044-E22 PLGR 0.88 TC TD GS 1.50 STK GAS-110008-A05 50-6U*SEAT,UNFD VLV,CF8M GAS-113863-000 ZKPA-4*GASKET, COVER PLT, MEGA
50 GAS-107045-E23 T10*PLGR 0-3/4 S157 GS T10 GAS-110017-A05 50170-7U*RTNR,UNFD,VLV,SS GAS-113919-000 E37/740*PKG UNIT,X-DEEP,SPECIA
51 GAS-107047-000 T10AD*ADAPTER ROD GAS-110021-G10 50-8U*DISC,VLV,UNFD,DEL GAS-114005-C02 Q350*GD,LUB,V-BELT,DIR CON
52 GAS-107053-B24 T10*RG,FOL,LE,06,BRZ GAS-110025-A05 70-14U*SEAT,UNFD VLV,SS GAS-114006-000 OIL TROUGH KIT F/2600
53 GAS-107054-B24 T10*RG,FOL,LE,07,BRZ GAS-110031-A05 70-7U*RTNR,UNFD VLV,CF8M GAS-114008-C02 Q350*GD,LUB,T/B DRIVE
54 GAS-107079-000 ADPTR,90,12M JIC,12M NPT STL GAS-110035-G10 70-5U*DISC,VLV,UNFD,DEL GAS-114020-E33 J22L*PLGR,24,CER/OPN AG
55 GAS-107085-000 FITNG,COMP,3/8TUBEX3/8M NP CFS GAS-110037-B23 70-5U*DISC,VLV,UNFD,SS GAS-114021-E22 J22L*PLGR 2.50 TC TD GS 3.50
56 GAS-107087-000 FITNG,COMP,90,1/4TUBEX1/8M CFS GAS-110463-000 70-14U/CF8M/D*ASSY,VLV GAS-114118-C05 3321*COV,XHD HH,STL,3300
57 GAS-107090-000 BRKT,MNTG,LUBE PUMP,Q350 GAS-110571-000 70-14U/CF8M/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-114119-000 DPSTK,CRCK OIL LVL,33,29,2800
58 GAS-107093-000 OIL TROUGH KIT F/1800 GAS-110687-000 3218B-A*CAP SCREW,CON ROD,DRLD GAS-114120-C05 3125*COV,XHD HH,STL 3100
59 GAS-107094-000 OIL TROUGH,LEFT HAND,1800 GAS-110690-000 ADAPTR, 01NPTM X 01NPTF CFS GAS-114121-B27 REPLACED BY PN: AAB-112977-448
60 GAS-107095-000 OIL TROUGH,RIGHT HAND,1800 GAS-110691-000 8800-LF/S*BODY,L.E. GAS-114122-B36 3705-A*CSHAFT,STL,FRG,W/WR
61 GAS-107128-G14 BAF,PLGR ROD,RBR GAS-110713-A02 6400A-L*FE 3364-5 CDI GAS-114123-000 DPSTK,CRKC,OIL LVL,3700
62 GAS-107129-E33 LA2*PLGR 2.38 CR TD GS 5.00 GAS-110733-000 7300-AI/RF/900/300*BODY,L.E. GAS-114124-000 LA21A*PIN,XHD,WS,STL
63 GAS-107131-E22 LA2*PLGR 2.38 TC TD GS 5.00 GAS-110735-000 64184/8921-K/2030*PKG UNIT GAS-114125-000 3700*CONNROD ASSY,JNL BRG
64 GAS-107143-A03 L36*STFG BOX,LE,20-23,BRZ GAS-110741-000 H42/S*KEY,COTTER 1/8 X 1-1/2 GAS-114128-C05 2533*COV,XHD HH,STL,5300
65 GAS-107147-000 BUSHING, 1" X 3/4" STL, SPC GAS-110752-000 L11*SHIM,BRG CLAMP & HSG GAS-114129-A02 Q350*CSHAFT,DI,W/WR RGS
66 GAS-107152-000 HOSE, LUBE, 25"-#16 GAS-110761-000 AD3/STL/BS*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114130-A02 5805-A*CSHAFT,DI,W/WR RGS
67 GAS-107153-000 ADPTR,90-16 M JIC X 16 M NPT GAS-110766-000 C74/STL/BS*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114132-000 3700*CONNROD ASSY,NDL BRG
68 GAS-107155-000 HOSE, LUBE, 32"-#16 GAS-110769-000 DD7/STL/BS*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114133-000 3313N*CONROD ASSY,NDL BRG
69 GAS-107157-000 BUSHING, 1-1/2" X 1" SPEC GAS-110774-000 E51-H/STL*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114139-B30 T10-2*RG,RTNR,SS,N5000-62
70 GAS-107166-000 NIP, 1/4" NPT X 3" GAS-110776-000 FE1-SH/M*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114140-A05 T10-2*SEAT,WG,SS
71 GAS-107184-B03 T10*PIN,DWL,CONNROD CAP GAS-110777-000 FE1-SH/S*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114141-A05 T10-2*RTNR,VLV,WG,SS
72 GAS-107219-000 64210/D/22*GLAND, DI, FLAT GAS-110778-000 FE1-SH/STL*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114144-B30 T10-3*RG,RTNR,SS,N5000-93
73 GAS-107223-000 64184*PKG,BRD,238,1730 GAS-110780-000 FE1/M*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114145-A05 T10-3*RTNR,VLV,SS,DISC TYPE
74 GAS-107225-A01 C19*STFG BOX,GI,THD GAS-110781-000 FE1/S*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114146-A05 T10-3*SEAT,SS,DISC TYPE
75 GAS-107229-000 ADPTRM 45 L, 1"JIC X 1" NPT GAS-110783-000 FE1/STL*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114149-A05 T10-4*SEAT,SS,DISC TYPE
76 GAS-107230-C06 9800-M*LE,MACH,STL BIL GAS-110786-000 FE2-SH/S*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114150-A05 T10-4*RTNR,VLV,SS,DISC TYPE
77 GAS-107236-000 T10*DPSTK,CRKC OIL LVL GAS-110787-000 FE2-SH/STL*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114151-B30 T10-4*RG,RTNR,SS,N5000-137
78 GAS-107251-000 HOSE, #12-90DEG TUBE F, 15" LG GAS-110788-000 FE2/B*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114159-000 J2*CONNROD COMPL,NDL BRG,3100
79 GAS-107253-000 HOSE,#16 F SW-F SW, 44" GAS-110789-000 FE2/M*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114163-000 HOSE,#32,MNPT X FJIC SWV,65L
80 GAS-107254-000 NIPPLE, 1/4" NPT X 12" GAS-110790-000 FE2/SS*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114235-C02 T450*COV,CRDL OPNG,LUB,STL
81 GAS-107266-A03 8822-M*GLD,LE,1322,BRZ/OPN AC GAS-110792-000 FE2/STL*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114527-E06 1107*PLGR,16,TUN/S157
82 GAS-107267-000 88005/7857/13*PKG,V-RG,SPECIAL GAS-110794-000 6441-A/M*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114567-F02 70-27*FLG,10"-600#,RFWN,ANSI,S
83 GAS-107268-000 S69*STUD,SPL,DPBX,1-1/4X17-1/4 GAS-110795-000 6441-A/S*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114585-E06 J22*PLGR,26,TUN/S157
84 GAS-107269-B24 8821*RG,LTRN,LE,1322,BRZ GAS-110796-000 6441-A/STL*ASSY, W.G. VLV GAS-114591-E33 LA2*PLGR 2.63 CR TD GS 5.00
85 GAS-107272-E24 H58*PLGR 2.00 CROX TD GS 5.00 GAS-110812-A03 F44-A*COV,VLV,BRZ GAS-114633-A02 T45-18H*CONNROD,MACH,NDL BRG
86 GAS-107305-C02 REPLACED BY AAB-114970-C2 GAS-110813-A02 F44-A*COV,VLV,DI GAS-114634-000 3221*BRG,NDL,XHD PIN/OPN AA
87 GAS-107319-A02 1109*RG,BOT,LE,1226,DI/OPN AA GAS-110854-000 PE RH 3200 F/STOCK GAS-114635-000 A17*BRG,NDL,XHD PIN/OPN AB
88 GAS-107412-000 REPLACED BY 100-100300-290 GAS-110856-000 3100 P.E. R.H., STOCK GAS-114636-000 J6*BRG,NDL,XHD PIN/OPN AC
89 GAS-107416-000 REPLACED BY 170-100001-220 GAS-110857-000 5300 P.E.,STOCK GAS-114642-E13 RTNR,VLV,HAST C-22,MYGD,L/106F
90 GAS-107423-000 REPLACED BY PN: 100-100634-290 GAS-110861-A05 C17*VLV BODY,WG,SS GAS-114646-B22 7111*PLGR,30,17-4 SS
91 GAS-107427-000 REPLACED BY PN: 100-114400-290 GAS-110862-000 C18SS*SEAT, VLV, WG GAS-114662-000 T10-4*ASSY,VLV,SS/D,DISC TYPE
92 GAS-107440-G14 F26A*BAF,PLGR ROD NPRN GAS-110874-000 REPLACED BY 68020040 GAS-114663-000 T10-4*ASSY,VLV,SS/SS,DISC TYPE
93 GAS-107448-000 64186/8921-K/2430*PKG UNIT GAS-110879-000 T45*BRG,NDL,XHD PIN/OPN AF GAS-114665-C05 RG,HALF,PIN BRG OIL RTNR,2600
94 GAS-107542-000 838/06*PACKING UNIT T10-2 $ GAS-110883-C05 T45-24H/L*PL,LOCK,STL,XHD PIN GAS-114667-000 OIL TROUGH SET,F/2600
95 GAS-107544-000 838/10*PACKING UNIT T10-3 GAS-110885-000 SETSCREW,DOG PT, 1/4 X 3/8 GAS-114670-000 T10-2*ASSY,VLV,WG,SS
96 GAS-107545-000 838/11*PKG T10-3 PS-838-11-2 GAS-110886-000 CPSCR, 1/2 X 1, DRLD GAS-114672-000 T10-3*ASSY,VLV,SS/D,DISC TYPE
97 GAS-107546-000 838/12*PACKING UNIT T10-3 GAS-110890-000 ZKLG17*GUARD,OFF DR SIDE LUBE GAS-114673-000 T10-3*ASSY,VLV,SS/SS,DISC TYPE
98 GAS-107547-000 838/13*PACKING UNIT T10-3 GAS-110947-B27 L21-B*PIN,XHD,STL GAS-114694-C05 3224*COV,XHD HH,STL,3200
99 GAS-107553-B24 T10*RG,LTRN,LE,10,BRZ GAS-110948-B05 T10*NUT,VLV PSHR,STL GAS-114749-A02 79001*LE,DI,BOT SUCT,TPD
100 GAS-107554-B24 T10*RG,LTRN,LE,11,BRZ GAS-110967-000 SWAGELOK FTG 1/4" S.S. GAS-114751-A02 J44*GLD,LE,24,DI,SEW CLNR
101 GAS-107556-B24 T10*RG,LTRN,LE,13,BRZ GAS-110968-000 SWAGELOK FTG 1/4" S.S. GAS-114764-A02 L20*XHD,JNL BRG,DI,OVS
102 GAS-107557-B24 T10*RG,LTRN,LE,14,BRZ GAS-110974-B07 LA2*PLGR,32,SS GAS-114776-C05 2604-A*COV,HH,STL
103 GAS-107561-B28 69008*STFG BOX,LE GAS-110997-A02 L20*XHD,NDL BRG,DI GAS-114784-E02 3316*BRG,PRCN,CONROD,34/OPN AA
104 GAS-107600-000 1111/845/1226*PACKING UNIT GAS-110998-000 T200*CONNROD ASSY,NDL BRG GAS-114786-000 3313B*CONNROD ASSY,JRNL/PRCN
105 GAS-107613-000 F61/718*ASSY, VLV GAS-110999-000 L19*BRG,NDL,XHD PIN/OPN AE GAS-114787-000 3313N*CONNROD ASSY,NDL/PRCN DI
106 GAS-107616-000 F45/HSS*DISC,PLATE VLV,SM SUCT GAS-111004-B16 F59*SPR,HLCL,9.1#,INL/OPN DN GAS-116168-477 F5/8582030, PKG
107 GAS-107619-000 F49/718*SLV,PLATE VLV, SM SUCT GAS-111005-B16 F59*SPR,HLCL,4.6#,INL/OPN DP GAS-C00923-000 LUBE LH DR SS TUBE
108 GAS-107621-000 F52/718*ASSY, VLV GAS-111008-B16 F59*SPR,HLCL,2.3#,INL/OPN DS GAS-C00924-000 LUBE RH DR SS TUBE
109 GAS-107624-000 F98/HSS*DISC,PL VLV GAS-111012-G10 FB3U*DISC,VLV,UNFD,DEL GAS-C00947-000 LUBE SS RH Q350 V-BELT DR
110 GAS-107696-000 STAT-O-SEAL, 5/8 GAS-111016-G10 J27U*DISC,VLV,UNFD,DEL GAS-C01042-000 LUBE SS LH Q350 V-BELT DR
111 GAS-107711-E22 88003*PLGR,13,CO,SPCL/OPN AA GAS-111018-B23 J26U*DISC,VLV,UNFD,SS GAS-C08732-000 VLV DP SCT 001DP8917 GS 5350 L
112 GAS-107752-B23 T10*VLV BODY,DISC,SS,SUCT&DISC GAS-111271-A05 FB11U*SEAT,UNFD,VLV,SS GAS-C08736-000 89ST2S-17*VA,TI/SS
113 GAS-107774-A03 70-3*COV,VLV OR CYL HD,BRZ,W/H GAS-111282-A05 FD8*RTNR,UNFD,VLV,SS GAS-C08840-000 REPLACED BY 001DP8003
114 GAS-107811-000 W28-A*PULLER HD, J TYPE/OPN AA GAS-111332-000 FD2U/CF8M/D*ASSY,VLV GAS-C08844-000 80ST2S-03*VA,TI/SS
115 GAS-107812-000 W113-C*ASSY, PULLER, 3581 GAS-111338-000 FD2UXH/CF8M/SS*ASSY, VLV GAS-C09180-000 98SV2S-54*VA,DEL/SS
116 GAS-107835-000 GSKT SET, T450, PE GAS-111523-A05 J28U*SEAT,UNFD VLV,SS GAS-C09184-000 VLV TP SCT 98ST2S-54 350Q
117 GAS-107854-E24 1107*PLGR 1.25 CROX TD/OPN AD GAS-111524-A12 J28U*SEAT,UNFD VLV,17-4SS GAS-C09586-000 REPLACED BY 001DP9001
118 GAS-107866-C05 W25-A*PL,PLR,STL GAS-111530-A05 FD9U*RTNR,UNFD,SS GAS-C09598-000 90ST2S-01*VA,TI/SS
119 GAS-107888-000 NIP, 1/8 MNPT TBE X 6" LONG GAS-111568-000 J29U/CF8M/D*ASSY,VLV GAS-C09853-000 REPLACED BY 001DP1101
120 GAS-107907-C05 T450*COV,CRKC,STL GAS-111572-000 J29U/CF8M/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-C11080-000 3SV2S-02A*VA,DEL/SS
121 GAS-107908-G03 T450*GSKT,CRKC COV,CORK,CAST P GAS-111664-000 J29U/17-4PH-1150/D*ASSY,VLV GAS-C11084-000 REPLACED BY 001TP0302
123 GAS-107910-G03 T450*GSKT,CRKC OIL CHEST,CORK GAS-111692-A12 J3OU*SEAT,UNFD VLV,DISCH,17-4S GAS-C11336-000 5ST2S-02*VA,TI/SS
124 GAS-107915-A01 2509-A*HSG,LFT BRG,GI GAS-111732-000 J31U/CF8M/D*ASSY,VLV GAS-C11568-000 REPLACED BY 001DP0528
125 GAS-107916-000 3210-A*HSG, CRK BRG GAS-111736-000 J31U/CF8M/SS*ASSY,VLV GAS-C11732-000 REPLACED BY 001DP5004
126 GAS-107932-000 3226-A*CVR, PLGR OPENING GAS-111828-000 J31U/17-4PH-1150/D*ASSY,VLV GAS-C11996-000 36ST2S-09 VALVE ASSY SS/TI
127 GAS-107933-000 3326-A/D*CVR,PLGR OPENING GAS-111855-A05 HB2U*SEAT,VLV,UNFD,CF-8M SS GASKET1 GASKET, 2-1/2 ANSI 1500# RF
128 GAS-107944-C06 6400-OF*FE 55T-3LSF/OPN AA GAS-111856-A12 HB2U*SEAT,VLV,UNFD,17-4HP SS GASKET2 GASKET, 4" ANSI 150# FF
129 GAS-107946-000 6400-SF/RJ/1500*BODY, L.E. GAS-111996-000 REPLACED BY 001TP3609 GAS-M00007-000 3211 PE
131 GAS-107955-B05 T10*EXT,VLV PSHR,STL GAS-112335-B13 F83*SPR,HLCL,14.1#/OPN DY GDPE5175T PLGR 1.75 TC CP GD PE5
132 GAS-107956-B28 T10*HD,VLV PSHR,STL GAS-112357-000 ADPTR,90 6M JIC, 6M NPT CFS GDPE5200C PLUNGER CER.2" GD QAFB
135 GAS-107959-000 ASSY, VLV PUSHER, T10-3 GAS-112360-A02 1109*RG,BOT,LE,1626,DI/OPN AG GDPE5300C PLGR 3.00 CR GD PE5
136 GAS-107960-000 ASSY, VLV PUSHER, T10-4 GAS-112362-000 HOSE,6SWB,20,6F JIC SWV,6M NPT GDPE5300PR PLGR 3.00 TCPR GD PE5
137 GAS-107964-000 ZK14-SP*SHV,6.4PD 1-A 4.940 BR GAS-112367-000 SET SCR,KN-CUP,CSK,1/4-20X CFS GDPE5300T PLGR 3.00 TC GD PE5
138 GAS-107996-G10 T10-3*BODY,VLV,DISC TYPE,DEL GAS-112368-000 SET SCR,KN-CUP,CSK,1/4-20X CFS GDPE5350PR PLGR 3.50 TCPR GD PE5
139 GAS-107997-B23 T10-3*BODY,VLV,DISC TYPE,SS GAS-112370-000 ZK39A*GUARD, LUB DR GDPE5350T PLUNGER,TC 3-1/2 F/PE5 GD
140 GAS-108000-B16 SPR,HLCL,8#,INL/OPN AY GAS-112410-000 S12M*3/4 X 3-3/8 GDPE5400C PLGR 4.00 CR TD GD PE-5
141 GAS-108027-000 A34B/L*SET SCR L/NUT GAS-112429-000 S24/M*7/8 X 4 GDPE5400T PLGR 4.00 TC CP GD PE5
142 GAS-108028-000 1100-F/RF/1500/600*BODY, L.E. GAS-112435-B36 T45-4A*CSHAFT,F/ROTARY ADPTR GDQAFEXROD EXTENSION ROD GD T
144 GAS-108034-B16 SPR,HLCL,9.1#,INL/OPN BB GAS-112437-B03 T450*COV,LUB EXT,CSHAFT,STL GDTA3100C PLGR 1.00 CR GD TA3
146 GAS-108080-000 CHECK VALVE, PRE LUBE GAS-112439-000 COOLER, OIL, T450, DB-206 GDTA3125C PLGR 1.25 CR GD TA3
147 GAS-108091-H03 8323-A*MANF,SUCT,600RF,SW,SS GAS-112474-000 92119*PKG,BRD,238,2640 GDTA3125T PLUNGER, 1-1/4", TUNGSTEN
148 GAS-108103-000 A96*GASKET, VLV CVR GAS-112490-C04 6400-O*LE,TPD,SS GDTA3150C PLGR 1.50 CR TD GD TA-3
149 GAS-108105-000 92115/8921-K/3240*PKG UNIT GAS-112498-A02 6456-3*GLD,LE,2130,DI,SCR TYPE GDTA3150PR Plunger,Tungsten Premium