National Gaso Wheatley Plunger And Piston Pump Parts List 27


National, NOV, Gaso and Wheatley Pumps And Parts For Sale At Permian Pump And Power, LLC In Odessa Texas - In The West Texas Permian Basin


Parts GAS-102510-C05 - GAS-103680-000

1 GAS-102510-C05 D4*COV,CSHAFT BRG HSG,STL GAS-102935-000 F5/8351430*PKG UNIT $ GAS-103318-E22 H58*PLGR 2.00 TC TD GS 5.00
2 GAS-102516-000 D44*GSKT, CYL HD CFS GAS-102938-000 F5/8352030*PKG UNIT $ GAS-103320-E22 H58*PLGR,24,COL,2-1/2,GS 3968
3 GAS-102544-000 D47*GSKT, CYL LIN (CFS) GAS-102944-000 F5/8381224*PKG PS-838-12-13 GAS-103321-E22 H58*PLGR 2.63 TC TD GS 5.00
4 GAS-102546-000 D49*GSKT, VLV COV GAS-102945-000 F5/8381424*PKG SET 0838 1.50X2 GAS-103322-E22 H58*PLGR 2.75 TC TD GS 5.00
5 GAS-102547-000 D5*GSKT, CRK BRG HSG COV PL GAS-102946-000 F5/8381430*PKG PS-838-14-11 GAS-103323-E22 H58*PLGR 3.00 TC TD GS 5.00
6 GAS-102548-000 D50B*VLV, WG DIS GAS-102948-000 F5/8381624*PKG PS-838-16-23 GAS-103324-E22 H58*PLGR 3.25 TC TD GS 5.00
7 GAS-102549-000 D51B*SEAT, VLV, WG DIS GAS-102949-000 F5/8381630*PKG PS-838-16-1 GAS-103325-E22 H58*PLGR 3.50 TC TD GS 5.00
8 GAS-102550-000 D52B*GL, LTRN GAS-102950-000 F5/8381730*PKG PS-838-17-5 GAS-103327-E22 H58*PLGR 4.00 TC TD GS 5.00
9 GAS-102556-000 D58G-T*FLG, 6" INL GAS-102951-000 F5/8382030*PKG PS-838-20-3 GAS-103328-B02 H59*DISC,VLV,MNL
10 GAS-102559-000 D6*OIL RET, CRK BRG GAS-102951-477 REPLACED BY GAS-116168-477 GAS-103329-000 H6B*COV, VLV
11 GAS-102560-C05 D60*COV,VLV,STL GAS-102952-000 F5/8382130*PKG PS-838-21-5 GAS-103331-000 H61SS*DISC, PL TYPE
12 GAS-102561-000 D61S*COV, VLV, W/PIN GAS-102953-000 F5/8382230*PKG PS-838-22-2 GAS-103333-000 H62SS*STEM, PL TYPE
13 GAS-102566-000 D64F/P*INS, VLV, BAK GAS-102953-447 REPLACED BY GAS-102953-477 GAS-103334-000 H63SS*SLV, PL TYPE CFS
14 GAS-102567-000 D65/740*PKG,LIP,THD BOX GAS-102953-477 F5/8582230*PKG UNIT $ GAS-103335-000 H64SS*GUARD, PL TYPE
15 GAS-102568-000 D66SS*VLV, PL TYPE, S&D GAS-102954-000 F5/8382430*PKG PS-838-24-12 GAS-103338-000 H65/8382640*PKG PS-838-26-3
16 GAS-102569-000 D67B*SEAT,VLV,PL TYPE, S&D GAS-102954-477 F5/8582430*PKG UNIT GAS-103338-477 H65/8582640*PKG
17 GAS-102570-000 D68B*VLV,W.G. S&D GAS-102959-000 F5/8451624*PKG UNIT GAS-103339-G10 H66*DISC,VLV,DEL
18 GAS-102571-000 D68S*VLV,W.G. S&D GAS-102960-000 F5/8452030*PKG UNIT GAS-103343-000 H7/4*PKG,PE,LIP TYPE,838,2435
19 GAS-102572-000 D69B*SEAT,VLV,W.G. S&D GAS-102961-000 F5/8452130*PKG UNIT $ GAS-103352-000 H79/8381630*PKG PS-838-16-24
20 GAS-102573-000 D69S*SEAT,VLV,W.G. S&D GAS-102962-000 F5/8452230*PKG UNIT GAS-103355-000 REPLACED BY 218-314214-370
21 GAS-102574-000 D7*RET RG, CRK BRG GAS-102964-B33 F51*SPR,HLCL,SS/OPN BX GAS-103357-000 H82SS*SLV, PL TYPE, HSS
22 GAS-102575-B35 D70*SPR,HLCL,11#,BRS/OPN AN GAS-102965-000 F52SS*VLV ASSY, PL TYPE GAS-103358-000 H83SS*VLV ASSY, PL TYPE
23 GAS-102576-B33 D70*SPR,HLCL,30#,SS/OPN AP GAS-102968-A04 F55*VLV BODY,SUCT,MNL,WG GAS-103359-000 H85*WRENCH, SKT HD CPSCR
24 GAS-102577-B34 D70*SPR,HLCL,30#,STL/OPN AP GAS-102969-A05 F55*VLV BODY,SUCT,SS,WG GAS-103360-A03 H86*GLD,LE,1430,BRZ/OPN AF
25 GAS-102580-000 D72XD740*PKG UNIT,LIP TYPE GAS-102970-000 F55S*VLV,W.G. SM SUCT GAS-103361-A03 H86*GLD,LE,1630,BRZ/OPN AK
26 GAS-102582-B04 D73*PIN,VLV STOP,STL/OPN AG GAS-102973-A04 F56*SEAT,VLV,SUCT,MNL,WG GAS-103363-A02 H86*GLD,LE,1630,DI/OPN AK
27 GAS-102583-000 OBSOLETE DO NOT SELL GAS-102974-A05 F56*SEAT,VLV,SUCT,SS,WG GAS-103364-A03 H87*GLD,LE,2030,BRZ/OPN AM
28 GAS-102585-000 D76P*INS, VLV, BAK GAS-102975-000 F56S*SEAT, SMALL SUCT GAS-103365-A02 H87*GLD,LE,2030,DI/OPN AM
29 GAS-102593-000 D79*SHLDR RG, CRK BRG GAS-102977-A04 F56*SEAT,VLV,SUCT,MNL,WG,SHDLR GAS-103371-000 REPLACED BY ABB-030945-274
31 GAS-102598-B10 D81*GR,PIN,STL OPN AA GAS-102979-000 F56-SH/S*SEAT,WG,SM SUCT,SHDR GAS-103391-B24 H98*RG,LTRN,LE,3240,BRZ/OPN AR
32 GAS-102599-B10 D81-0*GR,PIN,STL, OPN AB GAS-102980-A03 F57*VLV BODY,DISCH,BRZ,WG GAS-103398-000 HB11/8352440*PKG UNIT
33 GAS-102600-000 D82*CON ROD COMPLETE GAS-102982-A04 F57*VLV BODY,DISCH,MNL,WG GAS-103399-000 HB11/8382440*PKG PS-838-24-1
34 GAS-102601-000 D83*BRG, CON ROD GAS-102983-A05 F57*VLV BODY,DISCH,SS,WG GAS-103401-000 HB12*SHIM SET, CON ROD BRG
35 GAS-102602-000 D84*BOLT & NUTS, CON ROD GAS-102984-A14 F57*VLV BODY,DISCH,STL,WG GAS-103406-000 HB4/8051422*PKG UNIT, SPG LD $
36 GAS-102603-000 D84-B*BOLT, CON ROD GAS-102985-A03 F58*SEAT,VLV,BRZ,WG GAS-103407-000 HB5/8051630*PKG UNIT, SPG LD
37 GAS-102604-000 D85*BSHG, CON ROD GAS-102987-A04 F58*SEAT,VLV,MNL,WG GAS-103409-A03 HB6*STFG BOX,LE,16-22,BRZ
38 GAS-102605-000 D86GI*CROSSHEAD GAS-102988-A05 F58*SEAT,VLV,SS,WG GAS-103411-B28 HB6*STFG BOX,LE,16-22,STL
39 GAS-102606-B27 D87*PIN,XHD,STL GAS-102989-000 F58S*SEAT,W.G. DIS&LGE SUCT GAS-103420-000 HC1SS*SEAT, PL TYPE
40 GAS-102610-000 D9*GSKT, CRK BRG RET RG GAS-102992-000 F58-SH/SS*SEAT,W.G. DIS, SHLDR GAS-103423-000 HC2SS*VLV ASSY, PL TYPE
41 GAS-102613-000 D92/14*PKG RG,STYLE 7161 GAS-102993-000 F58-SH/S*SEAT,W.G. DIS,SHLDR GAS-103424-000 HC3B/D*VLV ASSY
42 GAS-102614-000 D93/700*PKG UNIT, V-RG GAS-102994-B35 F59*SPR,HLCL,8#,BRS/OPN BY GAS-103426-000 HC3M/D*VLV ASSY
43 GAS-102615-000 D95*KEY, PIN GEAR GAS-102995-B16 F59*SPR,HLCL,8.25#,INL/OPN BZ GAS-103427-000 HC3M/M*VLV ASSY
44 GAS-102619-000 D97/740*PKG UNIT, LIP TYPE GAS-102997-B33 F59*SPR,HLCL,7.5#,SS/OPN BW GAS-103430-B24 HC6*RG,LTRN,LE,2440,BRZ/OPN AK
45 GAS-102620-000 D98R*SLV, LIN PKG, RUBBER GAS-103001-B35 F59-H*SPR,HLCL,15#,BRS/OPN CS GAS-103434-B24 HC8*RG,LTRN,LE,2640,BRZ/OPN AM
46 GAS-102621-000 D99*SHIM SET, CRK BRG HSG,ALUM GAS-103009-000 F6B1224*GL, LTRN GAS-103439-A02 HD6*GLD,30,DI,SCR TYPE
48 GAS-102623-000 DA2/765*PKG UNIT LIN T-TALE GAS-103011-B24 F6*RG,LTRN,LE,1430,BRZ GAS-103452-000 HF6*GL LOCK, 3-15/16" LG
49 GAS-102624-000 DA4GI*LTRN RG, TT PKG GAS-103012-B24 F6*RG,LTRN,LE,1624,BRZ GAS-103453-000 HF7*BOX, STFG, C-CASE
50 GAS-102628-000 DA7S*CYL HD F/BEV LE GAS-103013-B24 F6*RG,LTRN,LE,1630,BRZ GAS-103454-000 HF8*GSKT, STFG BOX
51 GAS-102631-000 DA9*RG, PKG, LIN TT STYLE 765 GAS-103015-B24 F6*RG,LTRN,LE,2030,BRZ GAS-103456-000 J1*WEAR RG, CRK
52 GAS-102632-A01 DB2*RG,LTRN,GI,LNR TT GAS-103016-B24 F6*RG,LTRN,LE,2130,BRZ GAS-103457-A03 J10*COV,VLV,BRZ
53 GAS-102633-A01 DB3*RG,CYL LIN SPCT,6474,GI GAS-103017-B24 F6*RG,LTRN,LE,2230,BRZ GAS-103460-C05 J10*COV,VLV,STL
54 GAS-102636-A03 DB5*STFG BOX,BRZ,BEV LE GAS-103018-000 F6B2430*GL, LTRN GAS-103464-000 J13SS*DISC, VLV, PL TYPE
55 GAS-102637-A01 DB5*STFG BOX,GI,BEV LE GAS-103020-A02 F6*RG,LTRN,LE,2230,DI GAS-103466-000 J13-IT*INSTLTN TOOL, 2-1/4"
56 GAS-102640-A01 DB7*STFG BOX,GI,THD/OPN AA GAS-103024-000 F60SS*SEAT,PL TYPE, SM SUCT GAS-103467-000 J14SS*SEAT, PL TYPE
58 GAS-102650-B01 DC6*PLG,PIPE,0427,BRZ/OPN 004 GAS-103026-B23 F62*BAF,PLGR ROD,SS GAS-103469-000 J16SS*SLV, PL TYPE, HARDENED
59 GAS-102651-C05 DC7*COV,CYL HD,STL GAS-103027-000 F63*WRENCH, PLUG GAS-103470-000 J17SS*GUARD, PL TYPE
60 GAS-102654-000 DC9S*COV, VLV W/PIN F/BEV LE GAS-103028-A03 F64*COV,CYL HD,BRZ GAS-103471-B33 J18*SPR,HLCL,32#,SS/OPN DD
61 GAS-102655-000 DD1XD*PKG UNIT, V-RG GAS-103029-A02 F64*COV,CYL HD,DI GAS-103473-000 J19SS*VLV ASSY, PL TYPE
62 GAS-102656-000 DD2B*VLV ASSY,PL TYPE, S&D GAS-103034-000 F67*COV, C-CASE GAS-103475-000 J2*CONNROD,ASSY,JNL BRG,3100
63 GAS-102665-A01 E1*STFG BOX,CRKC,GI GAS-103036-000 F68*GSKT, C-CASE COV GAS-103476-000 J20SS*SEAT, PL TYPE
64 GAS-102712-000 E14GI/P60*PSTN,BAK GAS-103037-000 F69*COV, XHD HH GAS-103477-000 J21SS*VLV ASSY, PL TYPE
65 GAS-102717-B34 E15*SPR,HLCL,7.5#,STL/OPN AM GAS-103042-A03 F7*GLD,LE,1224,BRZ GAS-103479-E23 J22*PLGR 1.25 COBT TD GS 3.50
66 GAS-102725-000 E17*GSKT, FLG GAS-103043-A03 F7*GLD,LE,1424,BRZ GAS-103490-E33 J22*PLGR,14,CER,1-1/2,5300
67 GAS-102728-000 E18GI*BOX, STFG, THD GAS-103044-A03 F7*GLD,LE,1430,BRZ/OPN AA GAS-103491-E33 J22*PLGR,16,CER,1-3/4,5300
68 GAS-102731-000 E2*GSKT, STFG BOX, C-CASE GAS-103045-A03 F7*GLD,LE,1624,BRZ/OPN AE GAS-103493-E33 J22*PLGR,20,CER,2",5300
69 GAS-102733-000 E20GI*GL, STFG BOX, THD GAS-103046-A03 F7*GLD,LE,1630,BRZ/OPN AC GAS-103494-E33 J22*PLGR,21,CER,2-1/8,5300
70 GAS-102735-000 E23GI*MANF, INL, 3-WAY GAS-103048-A03 F7*GLD,LE,2030,BRZ/OPN AE GAS-103495-E33 J22*PLGR,22,CER,2-1/4,5300
71 GAS-102736-000 E24*GSKT,INL,MANF GAS-103050-A03 F7*GLD,LE,2230,BRZ/OPN AG GAS-103496-E33 J22*PLGR,24,CER,5300,2-1/2
72 GAS-102738-000 E25S*KEY, COTTER 5/16"X 2-1/2" GAS-103051-A03 F7*GLD,LE,2430,BRZ/OPN AJ GAS-103498-E33 J22*PLGR,26,CER,2-3/4/OPN AB
73 GAS-102743-000 E3GI*GL, STFG BOX, C-CASE GAS-103056-A02 F7*GLD,LE,1424,DI GAS-103499-E33 J22*PLGR,30,CER,3",5300/OPN AD
74 GAS-102744-000 E30*RG, PKG GAS-103059-A02 F7*GLD,LE,1630,DI/OPN AC GAS-103500-E33 J22*PLGR 3.25 CR TD/OPN AF
75 GAS-102747-000 E32/700*PKG UNIT, V-RG,2X3 GAS-103061-A02 F7*GLD,LE,2030,DI/OPN AE GAS-103502-E22 J22*PLGR,12,COL
76 GAS-102748-000 E33*GSKT, OUTER PIN RET RG GAS-103063-A02 F7*GLD,LE,2230,DI/OPN AG GAS-103503-E22 J22*PLGR,13,COL
77 GAS-102757-000 E37/740*PKG UNIT, LIP TYPE GAS-103064-A02 F7*GLD,LE,2430,DI/OPN AJ GAS-103504-E22 J22*PLGR 1.50 TC TD GS 3.50STK
78 GAS-102758-000 E38XD740*PKG UNIT, LIP TYPE GAS-103072-000 F70*GSKT, XHD HH COV GAS-103505-E22 J22*PLGR,16,COL
79 GAS-102760-000 E4*OIL SEAL GAS-103073-B02 F71*DISC,VLV,MNL GAS-103506-E22 J22*PLGR,17,COL
80 GAS-102761-000 E40B*BOX, STFG, STUD GAS-103075-000 F72M*SEAT, VLV GAS-103507-E22 J22*PLGR,20,COL
81 GAS-102762-000 E40GI*BOX, STFG, STUD GAS-103077-000 F77/8382230*PKG PS-838-22-6 GAS-103508-E22 J22*PLGR,21,COL
82 GAS-102764-000 E41XDGI*BOX, STFG, STUD GAS-103079-000 F8SS06*WSHR, BALL GAS-103509-E22 J22*PLGR,22,COL
83 GAS-102766-000 E42GI*BOX, STFG, THD GAS-103083-000 F81M04*SLV, VLV STEM GAS-103510-E22 J22*PLGR 2.50 TC TD GS 3.50
84 GAS-102768-000 E43XDGI*BOX, STFG, THD GAS-103085-000 F81M06*SLV, VLV STEM GAS-103512-E22 J22*PLGR 2.75 TC TD GS 3.50
85 GAS-102769-000 E44B*FOL RG, PKG, THD GAS-103090-000 F81-9M*SLV, VLV STEM, 9/16" LG GAS-103513-E22 J22*PLGR,30,COL
86 GAS-102770-000 E45XDB*GL, LTRN GAS-103091-B16 F82IN*SPR,HLCL,14#,INL/OPN CJ GAS-103514-E22 J22*PLGR 3.25 TC TD GS 3.50
87 GAS-102771-000 E46XD*GLAND STOP GAS-103093-B16 F82-L*SPR,HLCL,6.75#INL/OPN CH GAS-103519-A03 J23*GLD,LE,1424,BRZ/OPN AA
88 GAS-102773-C01 E5*PIN,VLV STOP,BRZ/OPN AL GAS-103097-B16 F83-H*SPR,HLCL,9.5#,INL/OPN CN GAS-103520-A03 J23*GLD,LE,1430,BRZ/OPN AB
89 GAS-102774-B04 E5*PIN,VLV STOP,STL/OPN AL GAS-103099-B16 F83-L*SPR,HLCL,5.5# INL/OPN CL GAS-103521-A03 J23*GLD,LE,1624,BRZ/OPN AE
90 GAS-102775-000 E6*GSKT, LEAD GAS-103101-000 F84SS*PL, SPG WEAR, 3"OD GAS-103522-A03 J23*GLD,LE,1630,BRZ/OPN AF
91 GAS-102777-000 E7GI*BOX, STFG, STUD GAS-103104-G10 F87*DISC,VLV,DEL GAS-103523-A03 J23*GLD,LE,2030,BRZ/OPN AK
92 GAS-102779-000 E8*GSKT, STFG BOX GAS-103105-A03 F88*RTNR,VLV,BRZ GAS-103525-A03 J23*GLD,LE,2230,BRZ/OPN AM
93 GAS-102780-A03 E9*GLD,LE,2030,BRZ GAS-103107-000 F89M05*SLV, VLV STEM GAS-103534-000 J24SS*WSHR, BALL, 7/8"
94 GAS-102781-C05 E9*GLD,LE,2030,STL GAS-103109-000 F89M07*SLV, VLV STEM GAS-103537-G10 J27*DISC,VLV,DEL
95 GAS-102802-000 F10-A/B2430*BOT RG, NONLUB GAS-103110-000 F89M10*SLV, VLV STEM GAS-103538-000 J28B*SEAT, VLV
96 GAS-102805-000 F11*OILER, SIGHT FD DRIP 10 OZ GAS-103115-000 F91SS*PL, SPG WEAR, 31/2"OD GAS-103541-000 J29B/D*VLV ASSY
97 GAS-102814-000 F14/835*PKG UNIT, PE GAS-103123-000 F95M/D*VLV ASSY GAS-103547-000 REPLACED BY 442-034312-290
98 GAS-102815-000 F14/838*PKG, PE PS-838-PE-3 GAS-103126-000 F97*WRENCH, SPL SKT, F/3/4"NUT GAS-103548-000 J30B*SEAT, VLV
99 GAS-102817-A11 F15*GLD,CRKC,STL GAS-103127-000 F98SS*VLV, PL TYPE, DIS GAS-103551-000 J31B/D*VLV ASSY
100 GAS-102830-E33 F2*PLGR,12,CER,1-1/4,3300 GAS-103129-000 F99S*SLV, PL TYPE, 21/32" HSS GAS-103556-000 J32B*ADPTR,THD GL
101 GAS-102831-E33 F2*PLGR,14,CER,1-1/2,3300 GAS-103141-000 FA6*DPSTK,CRKC OIL LVL GAS-103560-A02 J33*GLD,LE,1424,DI/OPN AE
102 GAS-102832-E33 F2*PLGR,16,CER,1-3/4,3300 GAS-103145-G10 FA8*INS,VLV,DEL GAS-103561-A03 J34*GLD,LE,2230,BRZ/OPN AP
103 GAS-102833-E33 F2*PLGR 2.00 CR TD GS 3.00 S GAS-103160-G10 FB3*INS,VLV,DEL GAS-103562-A02 J34*GLD,LE,2230,DI/OPN AP
104 GAS-102834-E33 F2*PLGR 2.25 CR TD GS 3.00 S GAS-103166-G14 FB6*BAF,CSHAFT BRG,NPRN CFS GAS-103563-B17 J34*GLD,LE,2230,SS/OPN AP
105 GAS-102835-E33 F2*PLGR 2.50 CR TD GS 3.00 S GAS-103168-000 FB8*PKG, DOUBLE LIP U-CUP GAS-103564-A03 J35*COV,VLV,BRZ
106 GAS-102838-E22 F2*PLGR,12,CO GAS-103172-F02 FC14*FLG,1.5"-600#,RFWN,ANSI GAS-103566-C05 J35*COV,VLV,STL
107 GAS-102839-E22 F2*PLGR,14,TC,1-1/2,GS 3300 GAS-103176-000 FC15*GSKT, FLG 1-1/2" X 3-3/4" GAS-103569-000 J38SS*SEAT, PL TYPE
108 GAS-102845-000 F20SS*GUARD, VLV, PL TYPE GAS-103180-C05 FC2*COV,CYL HD,23,STL GAS-103570-000 J39SS*VLV ASSY, PL TYPE
109 GAS-102848-000 F23SS*LOCK NUT,PLATE VLV GAS-103186-C05 FC4*COV,VLV,STL GAS-103571-000 J4*WSHR, LOCK, CON ROD BOL CFS
110 GAS-102850-000 F24SS*SPG, VLV, PL TYPE/OPN CB GAS-103187-000 FC4-A/S*CVR, VLV W/PIN BOLT-ON GAS-103574-000 J42/838/2440*PKG PS-838-24-17
111 GAS-102851-000 F25SS*VLV ASSY, PL TYPE GAS-103190-B04 FC6*PIN,VLV STP,STL CFS/OPN AN GAS-103577-B24 J43*RG,LTRN,LE,2440,BRZ
112 GAS-102859-000 F27/7002230*PKG UNIT, V-RG $ GAS-103194-000 FC7/8051220*PKG UNIT GAS-103579-B24 J43*RG,LTRN,LE,2640/OPN 002
113 GAS-102873-E33 F33*PLGR 2.00 CR TD GS 4.00 GAS-103196-000 FC7/8051320*PKG UNIT GAS-103580-B24 J43*RG,LTRN,LE,3040/OPN 004
114 GAS-102874-E33 F33*PLGR 2.25 CR TD GS 4.00 GAS-103198-000 FC7/8051424*PKG UNIT GAS-103581-B24 J43*RG,LTRN,LE,3240/OPN 006
115 GAS-102875-E33 F33*PLGR 2.50 CR TD GS 4.00 GAS-103201-000 FC7-PR8051220*PRESS RG F/SPG GAS-103585-A03 J44*GLD,LE,24,BRZ
116 GAS-102877-E33 F33*PLGR 2.75 CR TD GS 4.00 GAS-103202-000 FC7-PR8051320*PRESS RG F/SPG GAS-103587-A03 J44*GLD,LE,26,BRZ
117 GAS-102878-E33 F33*PLGR 3.00 CR TD GS 4.00 GAS-103205-000 FC8*GSKT, DIS FLG GAS-103589-A03 J44*GLD,LE,30,BRZ
118 GAS-102879-E33 F33*PLGR 3.25 CR TD GS 4.00 GAS-103220-000 FD3*WRENCH, ROTATION 3300-2800 GAS-103590-A03 J44*GLD,LE,32,BRZ
119 GAS-102880-E33 F33*PLGR 3.50 CR TD GS 4.00 GAS-103222-000 H1*GSKT GAS-103591-A02 J44*GLD,LE,24,DI
120 GAS-102884-E22 F33*PLGR 1.75 TC TD GS 4.00 GAS-103224-000 H21/8382232*PKG PS-838-22-13 GAS-103598-000 J5*BRG, CON ROD
121 GAS-102886-E22 F33*PLGR 2.25 TC TD GS 4.00 GAS-103226-000 H22/8382434*PKG PS-838-24-7 GAS-103600-G10 J51*DISC,VLV,DEL
122 GAS-102887-E22 F33*PLGR 2.38 TC TD GS 4.00 GAS-103233-B33 H28*SPR,HLCL,5.25#,SS/OPN CF GAS-103601-000 J52B*SEAT, VLV, SUCT
123 GAS-102888-E22 F33*PLGR 2.50 TC TD GS 4.00 GAS-103234-000 H29B*LUB FTG, STFG BOX GAS-103603-000 J52M*SEAT, VLV, INL
124 GAS-102890-E22 F33*PLGR 2.75 TC TD GS 4.00 ST GAS-103238-000 H36SS*LOCK NUT, PL VLV STEM GAS-103613-000 J54B*SEAT, VLV
125 GAS-102891-E22 F33*PLGR 3.00 TC TD GS 4.00 GAS-103239-000 H37SS*GUARD, PL TYPE GAS-103614-000 J54M*SEAT, VLV
126 GAS-102892-E22 F33*PLGR 3.25 TC TD GS 4.00 GAS-103240-000 H38SS*STEM, PL TYPE GAS-103618-000 J55M/M*VLV ASSY
127 GAS-102893-E22 F33*PLGR 3.50 TC TD GS 4.00 GAS-103241-G10 H39*DISC,VLV,DEL GAS-103624-A03 J56*ADPTR,GLD,LE,24-26,BRZ,THD
128 GAS-102898-000 F37*WRENCH, SPL SKT, GL STUD GAS-103242-B02 H39*DISC,VLV,MNL OPN BF GAS-103627-A03 J57*ADPTR,GLD,LE,30-32,BRZ,THD
129 GAS-102901-000 F4/8351630*PKG UNIT GAS-103245-000 H41M06*SLV, VLV STEM GAS-103630-000 J59*WRENCH, SKT HD CPSCR
130 GAS-102907-000 F4/8381020*PKG PS-838-10-4$ GAS-103246-000 H43SS*DISC, PL TYPE GAS-103631-000 J6*BSHG, CON ROD
131 GAS-102910-000 F4/8381224*PKG PS-838-12-11 GAS-103250-000 H44SS*SEAT, PL TYPE, 3-3/8" OD GAS-103632-000 J60B24*GL, STFG BOX, THD
132 GAS-102912-000 F4/8381424*PKG SET 0838 1.50X2 GAS-103260-000 H47SS*DISC, PL TYPE GAS-103637-000 J61B3032*GL, THD
133 GAS-102913-000 F4/8381430*PKG PS-838-14-12 GAS-103261-000 H47/157SS*DISC, PL TYPE GAS-103650-000 J63*GSKT, FLG
134 GAS-102914-000 F4/8381624*PKG PS-838-16-8 GAS-103263-000 H48SS*SEAT, PL TYPE GAS-103651-000 J64*GSKT, FLG
135 GAS-102915-000 F4/8381630*PKG PS-838-16-3 GAS-103266-000 H49SS*SLV, PL TYPE, 7/16" GAS-103652-A03 J68*GLD,LE,1624,BRZ/OPN AJ
136 GAS-102916-000 F4/8382030*PKG PS-838-20-5 GAS-103270-B33 H50*SPR,HLCL,6#,SS/ OPN GC GAS-103653-A02 J68*GLD,LE,1624,DI/OPN AJ
137 GAS-102917-000 F4/8382230*PKG PS-838-22-5 GAS-103271-000 H51SS*VLV ASSY, PL TYPE GAS-103655-A01 J7*XHD,GI
138 GAS-102918-000 F4/8382430*PKG PS-838-24-9 GAS-103275-000 REPLACED BY 181-200214-370 GAS-103658-000 J75SS2024*BOX&SLV,SS,20-24
139 GAS-102920-000 F42*GSKT,CYL/VLV COV,FIBER CFS GAS-103281-000 H55/8383040*PKG PS-838-30-2 GAS-103660-000 J75S/1416*BOX&SLV,STL,14-16
140 GAS-102922-A03 F44*COV,VLV,BRZ GAS-103281-477 H55*PKG SET 3040 STYLE 858 GAS-103661-000 J75S/2024*BOX&SLV,STL,20-24
141 GAS-102923-000 F44B24*COV, VLV, LGE GAS-103284-B24 H56*RG,LTRN,LE,3040,BRZ/OPN AP GAS-103662-000 J78*COV, ROD OPNG
142 GAS-102924-A02 F44*COV,VLV,DI GAS-103303-E33 H58*PLGR 2.00 CR TD GS 5.00 GAS-103664-000 J79*GSKT, END FLG OF PF
143 GAS-102925-A02 F44*COV,VLV,DI,OVS GAS-103304-E33 H58*PLGR 2.25 CR TD GS 5.00 GAS-103666-000 J80*COV, CRK EXT
144 GAS-102927-000 F45SS*VLV,PL TYPE, SM SUCT GAS-103305-E33 H58*PLGR 2.50 CR TD GS 5.00 GAS-103667-B10 J81*STFG BOX,LE,STL
145 GAS-102928-000 F45-IT*INSTLTN TOOL F/I-3/4 DU GAS-103308-E33 H58*PLGR 3.00 CR TD GS 5.00 GAS-103668-A02 J82*GLD,LE,2440/OPN AB/M351
146 GAS-102929-000 F46*SEAT,PL TYPE,DIS&LGE SUCT GAS-103310-E33 H58*PLGR 3.25 CR TD GS 5.00 GAS-103669-A02 J82*GLD,LE,2640/OPN AF/M351
147 GAS-102930-000 F47SS*GUARD, VLV, PL TYPE GAS-103311-E33 H58*PLGR 3.50 CR TD GS 5.00 GAS-103670-000 J83*THUMB SCR, DUST COV, 5
148 GAS-102931-000 F48SS*STEM,VLV,PL TYPE,SM SUCT GAS-103313-E33 H58*PLGR 4.00 COBT TD GS 5.00 GAS-103672-A02 J84*GLD,LE,2430,DI/OPN AR
149 GAS-102932-000 F49S*SLV,PL TYPE,SM SUCT HSS GAS-103317-E22 H58*PLGR 1.75 TC TD GS 5.00 GAS-103680-000 J86RF*GSKT, FLG (6-600 ANSI RF