National Gaso Wheatley Plunger And Piston Pump Parts List 26


National, NOV, Gaso and Wheatley Pumps And Parts For Sale At Permian Pump And Power, LLC In Odessa Texas - In The West Texas Permian Basin


Parts GAS-101051-A01 - GAS-102464-000

1 GAS-101051-A01 5808*HSG,OTR MN BRG,GI GAS-101717-000 815*NUT, WORM THRUST BRG GAS-102131-000 B41*GSKT, LEAD (CFS)
2 GAS-101054-000 5815*BRG, INNER, CRK GAS-101722-000 820*SHIM SET, WORM STFG BOX GAS-102133-B04 B42*PIN,VLV STOP,STL/OPN AK
3 GAS-101055-000 5816*HSG, CRK INNER BRG GAS-101723-000 8200-G*GSKT SET, LE GAS-102155-000 B44*GSKT,LINER W/SPACER (CFS)
4 GAS-101056-000 5817*RG, CRK INNER MAIN HSG GAS-101724-000 8200-L/BRZ*LE,4-3/4" SB,RF S&D GAS-102159-000 B45B*SET SCR L/NUT, LIN
5 GAS-101057-000 5819*SET SCR, INNER MAIN HSG GAS-101725-000 8200-S/BRZ*LE,4" SB,FF S&D GAS-102161-000 B45S*SET SCR LIN L/NUT
6 GAS-101058-000 5830*COV, C-CASE OIL CHEST GAS-101726-000 8201B*CYL HD/VLV COV GAS-102182-000 B5S*PL, CRK BRG COV
7 GAS-101059-000 5830-G*GSKT, C-CASE OIL COV GAS-101729-000 82103*PKG,BRD,238,3446 GAS-102183-000 B50G-T*FLG, 4" INL
8 GAS-101060-000 5838*COV, ROD OPNG F/LUBE GAS-101732-000 8211/838/3140*PKG PS-838-31-1 GAS-102185-000 B51*GSKT, FLG
9 GAS-101061-000 5838-D*COV,ROD OPNG,BP & DPKD GAS-101733-A03 8214*GL,STFG BOX,3040,BRZ GAS-102186-000 B52G-T*FLG, 3" DIS
10 GAS-101066-000 5900S*FE 1759 CDI, RTJ DIS GAS-101735-A03 8214*GL,STFG BOX,3446,BRZ GAS-102187-000 B52G-W*FLG, 3" DIS
11 GAS-101068-000 5900-G*GSKT SET, LE GAS-101745-000 8238B3032*ADPTR,THD GL GAS-102188-000 B53*GSKT, FLG (CFS)
12 GAS-101070-C05 5901*COV,VLV,STL GAS-101772-000 8316AS/1214*BOX,STFG/SPCG SLV GAS-102192-000 B56*GSKT, CYL HD (CFS)
13 GAS-101091-C06 6400-O*FE 3364 STL GAS-101778-000 8400B*FE 350Q-5H NAB GAS-102193-B35 B57*SPR,HLCL,9.5#,BRS/OPN AE
14 GAS-101092-C06 6400-O*FE 55T-3LS TPD PSTL GAS-101779-000 8400S*FE 350Q-5H FSTL GAS-102194-000 B58-F/S07*CYL HD, FL
15 GAS-101093-000 6400-S/S*FE 55T-3MS PSTL GAS-101784-000 8500B*FE 350Q-5M NAB GAS-102197-000 B6*GSKT
16 GAS-101094-C06 6400-SF*LE,MACH,STL GAS-101787-000 8500-G*GSKT SET, LE GAS-102199-B04 B60*PIN,VLV STOP,STL/OPN AE
17 GAS-101096-A02 6400A-L*FE 3364-5F CDI GAS-101790-000 85001S/3032*BOX,STFG,SPCL GAS-102200-000 B61*GSKT,VALVE COVER (CFS)
18 GAS-101097-A03 6400A-M*FE 3364-4 NAB GAS-101796-000 8600S*BOD,L.E.,BLT,MACHINED GAS-102203-B01 B63*PLG,PIPE,0424,BRZ/OPN 002
19 GAS-101098-A03 6400A-M*FE 3364-4F NAB GAS-101797-000 8600-G*GSKT SET, LE GAS-102206-000 B65M*SLV, VLV STEM, PL TYPE
20 GAS-101099-A03 6400A-O*FE 55T-3L NAB GAS-101799-C06 8800-L*LE,STL GAS-102210-000 B69*NUT, WORM RDL BRG
21 GAS-101101-A03 6400A-S*LE,TPD,BRZ GAS-101800-000 8800-L-G*GSKT SET, LE GAS-102211-000 B7*OIL RET, CRK BRG
22 GAS-101103-000 6401-G24*GSKT, LGE CYL HD CFS GAS-101801-C06 8800-M*LE,STL,MACH GAS-102212-000 B70*GSKT,COVER PLATE,PIN HSG
23 GAS-101104-A03 6401-H*COV,CYL HD,BRZ,OVS GAS-101802-000 8800-M-G*GSKT SET, LE GAS-102216-000 B73-L*PF, LONG
24 GAS-101105-A02 6401-H*COV,CYL HD,DI,OVS GAS-101803-000 8800-MF/S*BOD, LE, BLT GAS-102217-000 B73-S*PF, SHORT
25 GAS-101107-A02 6401-H*COV,CYL HD,DI,OVS,O-RG GAS-101805-000 9100-AM/B*BOD, LE,3"BORE GAS-102218-000 B74*COV, C-CASE
26 GAS-101116-000 6417-G*GSKT, INL FLG GAS-101808-000 9100-ASF/B*BOD,LE,2-1/2BO GAS-102219-000 B75*GSKT, C-CASE COV
27 GAS-101122-000 6417RJ-T*FLG 2-150 ANSI GAS-101816-000 92119*PKG,BRD,238,2440 GAS-102220-A11 B76*CSHAFT,STL
28 GAS-101125-000 64183*PKG,BRD,238,1630 GAS-101824-C06 9800-M*LE,4-600RF/2-1500RF,STL GAS-102222-000 B77*CLAMP, CRK BRG HSG
29 GAS-101126-000 64184*PKG,BRD,238,2030 GAS-101854-000 A1*COV, C-CASE GAS-102223-000 B78*BRG, PIN
30 GAS-101128-000 `4185*PKG,BRD,238,2230 GAS-101855-000 A10*RET RG, CRK GAS-102224-000 SPACER,PINION BRG,OUTER
31 GAS-101141-000 64238*PKG,BRD,238,1424 GAS-101856-000 A11*GSKT, CRK, RET RG GAS-102225-000 B8GI*RET RG, CRK BRG
32 GAS-101142-A03 6441*VLV BODY,SUCT,BRZ,WG GAS-101857-000 REPLACED BY 145-212356-999 GAS-102226-A01 B80*HSG,PIN BRG,GI
33 GAS-101144-A05 6441*VLV BODY,SUCT,SS,WG GAS-101858-000 A13*CONNROD,ASSY GAS-102227-000 B81*GSKT, PIN BRG HSG
34 GAS-101145-A14 6441*VLV BODY,SUCT,STL,WG GAS-101859-000 A14/27*BRG, CON ROD GAS-102228-000 B82S*PL, PIN HSG COV
35 GAS-101154-A03 6454-3*ADPTR,GLD,LE,BRZ,THD GAS-101860-000 A14/30*BRG, CON ROD GAS-102229-000 B83S*RET RG, INNER PIN
36 GAS-101156-C05 6454-3*ADPTR,GLD,LE,STL,THD GAS-101861-000 A15*SHIM SET, CON ROD GAS-102230-000 B84*GSKT, INNER RET RG
37 GAS-101157-000 6456-2B14&16*GL, THD GAS-101862-000 A16*BOLT & NUTS, CON ROD GAS-102231-000 B85*RET RG, OUTER PIN
38 GAS-101158-000 6456-2DI14&16*GL, THD GAS-101863-B10 A16-B*BLT,CONNROD,STL GAS-102232-B03 B86*COV,XHD GDE HH,STL
39 GAS-101163-A03 6456*GLD,LE,1424/OPN AC/M308 GAS-101865-E03 A17*BRG,XHD PIN,STL BACKED GAS-102233-000 B87*GSKT, XHD TOP HH PL
40 GAS-101164-A02 6456*GLD,LE,1424/OPN AC/M351 GAS-101866-000 A18*CROSSHEAD GAS-102234-000 B88*DPSTK,CRKC OIL LVL
41 GAS-101166-A03 6456*GLD,LE,1624/OPN AE/M308 GAS-101867-B27 A19*PIN,XHD,STL GAS-102235-B03 B88-AD*PILOT,DPSTK
42 GAS-101167-A02 6456*GLD,LE,1624/OPN AE/M351 GAS-101868-000 A2*GSKT, C-CASE COV GAS-102236-000 B89*GSKT
43 GAS-101169-A03 6456-3*GLD,LE,17&2030,BRZ,SCR GAS-101870-000 A21*GSKT, XHD HH PL GAS-102237-000 B9GI*HALF RG, CRK RET
44 GAS-101170-A02 6456-3*GLD,LE,17&2030,DI,SCR GAS-101872-000 A22S*BOX, STFG, C-CASE GAS-102238-B35 B90*SPR,HLCL,23#,BRS/OPN AC
45 GAS-101182-C06 6470-HU*LE,MACH,STL GAS-101873-000 A23*GSKT, STFG BOX GAS-102239-000 B91/11*RG,PKG,GRAPHITE
46 GAS-101208-000 REPLACED BY 08800115 GAS-101874-000 A24/11*RING,PKG,P.E. GAS-102240-000 B92/700/11*PKG UNIT,V-RG ADJ
47 GAS-101217-000 6611-NA835/3242*PKG UNIT GAS-101875-000 A25S*GL, STFG BOX GAS-102242-000 B98B*SLV, LIN PKG, BUNA-N HI-C
48 GAS-101219-000 6611-NA8382234*PK PS-838-22-1 GAS-101879-000 A27*SIGHT GAUGE GAS-102243-000 B99GI*FOOT, LE
49 GAS-101222-000 6611-NA8383042*PK PS-838-30-10 GAS-101884-000 A29*DPSTK,OIL LVL,CRKC GAS-102245-000 BA2*SHLDR RG, CRK BRG
50 GAS-101224-000 6611-NA8383442*PK PS-838-34-7 GAS-101885-000 A3DI*CRANKSHAFT GAS-102249-000 BA7/740/11*PKG,LIP TYPE
51 GAS-101226-000 6611-NB/B/2234*GL, LTRN GAS-101886-000 A30-F/S05*CYL HD, F/FL GAS-102250-000 BA8XD/740*/11*PKG UNIT,LIP TYP
52 GAS-101229-000 6611-NB/B/2634*GL, LTRN GAS-101888-000 A31*GSKT, CYL HD CFS GAS-102251-000 BA9/740/14*PKG,LIP TYPE
53 GAS-101230-000 6611-NB/B/3042*GL, LTRN GAS-101909-000 A33*GSKT, CYL LINER (CFS) GAS-102252-000 BB1/700/14*PDG UNIT,V-RG AJD
54 GAS-101231-000 6611-NB/B/3242*GL, LTRN GAS-101912-000 A34S/L*SET SCR L/NUT GAS-102253-000 BB2S*WSHR, BALL, BRG CLAMP
55 GAS-101237-000 6611-NC8382634*PK PS-838-26-13 GAS-101913-000 A35*GSKT, LEAD CFS GAS-102256-C05 BB6*COV,CYL HD,STL
56 GAS-101238-000 6611-NC8383042*PK PS-838-30-11 GAS-101914-B35 A36*SPR,HLCL,3.5#,BRS/OPN AD GAS-102259-C05 BB8*COV,VLV,STL,BEV LE
57 GAS-101266-000 6613-N/B2234*GL, STFG BOX GAS-101918-C01 A37*BODY,PSTN,40,BRZ/OPN AG GAS-102264-000 C1*OIL SEAL
58 GAS-101269-000 6613-N/B3042*GL, STFG BOX GAS-101934-000 A39S/CR*ROD, PSTN GAS-102265-000 C10*GSKT,CRK CASE STFG BOX
59 GAS-101313-000 6711-B/B2430*GL, LTRN GAS-101935-000 A39FH*ROD, PSTN GAS-102266-000 C11S*GL, STFG BOX
60 GAS-101316-000 6711-C8381626*PKG PS-838-16-21 GAS-101936-000 A39SS*ROD, PSTN GAS-102267-000 C12*GSKT, VLV COV (CFS)
61 GAS-101331-000 6713B2030*GL, STFG BOX GAS-101942-000 A42GI*BOX, STFG, STUD GAS-102269-A01 C13*STFG BOX,GI
62 GAS-101332-000 6713B2230*GL, STFG BOX GAS-101943-000 A43*GSKT, STFG BOX (CFS) GAS-102271-000 C14B*GL, BZ, STFG BOX
63 GAS-101347-000 6800-G*GSKT SET, LE GAS-101945-000 A44S*GL, STFG BOX GAS-102272-000 C14S*GL, STL, STFG BOX
64 GAS-101353-000 6814*GLD,LE,23,DI,SCR TYPE GAS-101946-000 A45G-T*FLG, 2" DIS GAS-102280-000 C16*GSKT
65 GAS-101354-A02 6814*GLD,LE,24,DI,SCR TYPE GAS-101950-000 A46*GSKT, DIS FLG GAS-102281-000 C16R31*GSKT, FLG RTJ
66 GAS-101356-A02 6814*GLD,LE,26,DI,SCR TYPE GAS-101951-000 A47G-T*FLG, 4" INL GAS-102282-A03 C17*VLV BODY,WG,BRZ
67 GAS-101358-000 6815S/2023*STFG BX/OPN AB/M275 GAS-101953-000 A48*GSKT, INL FLG GAS-102283-000 C17S*VLV, WG
68 GAS-101359-000 6815S/2432*BOX,STFG/SPCG SLV GAS-101955-000 A5*HSG, CRK BRG GAS-102284-000 C18B*SEAT, VLV, WG
69 GAS-101380-B28 6915*STFG BOX,LE,STL GAS-101960-000 A56*GSKT SET, LE GAS-102285-000 C18S*SEAT, VLV, WG
70 GAS-101381-B28 6915*STFG BOX,LE,34-40,STL GAS-101963-000 A59GI*BOX, STFG, THD, LE GAS-102287-000 C2*OIL SEAL
71 GAS-101397-000 70-15B54*BOX,STFG,BRZ/OPN AA GAS-101964-000 A6*SHIM SET, CRK BRG, ALUM GAS-102288-B24 C20*RG,FOL,LE,BRZ
72 GAS-101400-A03 70-18*GLD,52-56,BRZ,THD OPN AA GAS-101965-000 A60B*FOL RG, PKG GAS-102290-000 C21GI*GL, STFG BOX, THD
73 GAS-101401-A03 70-18*GLD,LE,60-62,BRZ,THD GAS-101967-000 A61GI*GL, STFG BOX, THD GAS-102291-000 C22SS*VLV, PL TYPE
74 GAS-101404-A02 70-18*GLD,LE,60-62,DI,THD GAS-101984-000 A64-F/S*COV, VLV W/PIN GAS-102292-000 C23B*SEAT, VLV, PL TYPE
75 GAS-101405-A02 70-18*GLD,LE,64-70,DI,THD GAS-101987-B04 A65*PIN,VLV STOP,STL/OPN AA GAS-102293-000 C23M*SEAT, VLV, PL TYPE
76 GAS-101408-E22 70-19*PLGR 5.50 TC TD GS 8.0 GAS-101988-000 A66*GSKT, VLV COV CFS GAS-102297-000 C26S*NUT, THK F/UNIV TAPER
77 GAS-101408-E26 70-19*PLGR 5.50 TCPR TD GS 8.0 GAS-101989-000 A67B*VLV,W.G. S&D GAS-102298-000 C27*GSKT SET, PE
78 GAS-101411-E22 70-19*PLGR,62,COL,6-1/4,T450 GAS-101990-A14 A67S*VLV,WG,SUCT & DISCH GAS-102299-000 C28AL*COV, C-CASE
79 GAS-101419-000 70-20/83854*PKG PS-838-54-1 GAS-101991-000 A68B*SEAT,VLV,W.G. S&D GAS-102300-000 C29*GSKT, C-CASE COV
80 GAS-101421-B24 70-21*RG,LTRN,LE,54,BRZ GAS-101992-B26 A68*SEAT,VLV,STL,WG GAS-102301-000 C3*GSKT CFS
81 GAS-101423-B24 70-21*RG,LTRN,LE,60,BRZ GAS-101993-B35 A69*SPR,HLCL,9.5#,BRS/OPN AF GAS-102303-000 C30S*CRANKSHAFT
82 GAS-101424-B24 70-21*RG,LTRN,LE,62,BRZ GAS-101995-B33 A69*SPR,HLCL,5#,SS/OPN AF GAS-102304-000 C31GI*HSG, CRK BRG
83 GAS-101426-B24 70-21*RG,LTRN,LE,66,BRZ GAS-101996-B34 A69*SPR,HLCL,14.5#,STL/OPN AF GAS-102306-000 C32-C*CLMP,CRK BRG HSG F/B WSH
84 GAS-101437-B24 70-23*RG,FOL,LE,54,BRZ,SCR TYP GAS-101999-000 A70S*VLV BOD, INS TYPE GAS-102307-000 C33*BRG, PIN
85 GAS-101439-B24 70-23*RG,FOL,LE,60,BRZ,SCR TYP GAS-102000-000 A71P*INS, VLV, BAK/OPN BE GAS-102308-000 C34GI*HSG, PIN BRG
86 GAS-101453-C05 70-3*COV,VLV OR HD,CYL,STL GAS-102001-G10 A71*INS,VLV,DEL/OPN BE GAS-102309-000 C35GI*RET RG, INNER PIN
87 GAS-101493-A03 7015*RG,FOL,LE,16,BRZ GAS-102013-000 A78*GSKT, FLG GAS-102310-000 C36*GSKT, INNER PIN RET RG
88 GAS-101530-E33 7111*PLGR 2.75 CR TD GS 6.00 GAS-102023-000 A8*GSKT, MAIN BRG COV GAS-102311-000 C37S*RET RG, OUTER PIN
89 GAS-101531-E33 7111*PLGR03.00 CR TD GS 6.00 GAS-102024-000 A80*GSKT, FLG GAS-102312-000 C38*PL, PIN HSG COV
90 GAS-101535-E22 7111*PLGR 2.75 TC TD GS 6.00 GAS-102025-000 A81SS*VLV, PL TYPE GAS-102313-000 C39S*CON ROD COMPLETE
91 GAS-101536-E22 7111*PLGR,30,COL GAS-102026-000 A82B*SEAT, VLV, PL TYPE GAS-102314-000 C4*BSHG, CON ROD
92 GAS-101537-E22 7111*PLGR 3.25 TC TD GS 6.00 GAS-102027-000 A82M*SEAT, VLV, PL TYPE GAS-102315-000 C40GI*CROSSHEAD
93 GAS-101538-E22 7111*PLGR 3.50 TC TD GS 6.00 GAS-102028-000 A84M*SLV, VLV STEM, PL TYPE GAS-102316-B27 C41*PIN,XHD,STL
94 GAS-101539-E22 7111*PLGR 3.75 TC TD GS 6.00 GAS-102029-000 A85B*GUARD, VLV, PL TYPE GAS-102318-000 C43*GSKT, XHD HH PL
95 GAS-101540-000 7113-LN*LOCK NUT, DBL THD BOX GAS-102038-000 A87*BRG, PIN OR WORM RDL GAS-102319-000 C44*BAF DISC, OIL, PIN BRG
96 GAS-101541-B01 7113-LS*SCR,LE STFG BOX LNR GAS-102041-000 A9*OIL RETAINER GAS-102321-000 C47GI*MANF, INL
97 GAS-101549-000 7114-A8352636*PKG UNIT GAS-102044-000 A92*GSKT, CYL HD GAS-102322-000 C48*GSKT, INL MANF
98 GAS-101551-000 7114-A8382636*PKG PS-838-26-5 GAS-102045-000 A97*GSKT,PIN BRG HST GAS-102343-000 C5*BOLT & NUTS, CON ROD
99 GAS-101552-000 7114-A8383040*PKG PS-838-30-3 GAS-102050-000 AA3/700*PKG UNIT,V-RG ADJ GAS-102344-000 C5-B*BOLT, CON ROD
100 GAS-101553-000 7114-A8383242*PKG PS-838-32-5 GAS-102051-000 AA4/7161*RG, PKG SQ GRAPHITE GAS-102345-000 C51S*COV, VLV W/PIN
101 GAS-101554-000 7114-A8383444*PKG PS-838-34-2 GAS-102055-000 AA9FH*ROD, PSTN API-1 GAS-102346-C05 C52*COV,VLV,STL
102 GAS-101555-000 7114-A8383646*PKG PS-838-36-4$ GAS-102056-000 AA9SS*ROD, PSTN API-1 GAS-102349-000 C54XDGI*BOX, STFG, STUD
103 GAS-101557-000 7114-ABA/B2636*BOT RG, STFG BX GAS-102057-000 AA9S*ROD, PSTN API-1 GAS-102355-000 C6*BRG, CON ROD
104 GAS-101560-000 7114-ABA/B3444*BOT RG, STFG BX GAS-102058-000 AB1*SHIM SET, CRK BRG, ALUM GAS-102357-A01 C63*RG,LTRN,GI,LNR TT
105 GAS-101561-000 7114-ABA/B3644*BOT RG, STFG BX GAS-102059-000 AB3*GSKT, RDL BRG HSG GAS-102359-000 C64XDGI*BOX, STFG, THD
106 GAS-101562-000 7114-ABA/B3646*BOT RG, STFG BX GAS-102060-000 AB4/740/11*PKG,LIP TYPE,PE GAS-102360-000 C65XDB*FOL RG, STFG BOX
107 GAS-101563-B24 7114*RG,LTRN,LE,2636,BRZ GAS-102061-000 AB5R*BAF DISC, PSTN ROD GAS-102361-000 C66/7161B*BOT RG,SQ PKG
108 GAS-101564-B24 7114*RG,LTRN,LE,3040,BRZ GAS-102064-000 AB7/740*PKG UNIT, LIP TYPE GAS-102362-000 C67B*VLV ASSY, PL TYPE, S&D
109 GAS-101567-B24 3644,BRZ GAS-102065-000 AB8XD/740*PKG UNIT, LIP TYPE GAS-102366-000 C71XD*GLAND STOP, THD
110 GAS-101568-B24 7114*RG,LTRN,LE,3646,BRZ GAS-102066-G03 AB9*GSKT,CSHAFT BRG HSG CO CFS GAS-102370-000 C8*GSKT, XHD PIN HH PL
111 GAS-101569-000 7114-NA8383644*PK PS-838-36-5 GAS-102072-000 AC7XDB*GL, LTRN GAS-102371-000 C9GI*BOX, STFG, C-CASE
112 GAS-101572-000 7115B26*FOL RG, STFG BOX GAS-102073-000 AC8XDB*FOL RG, THD GAS-102372-A15 CH020*CHAN,PIPE CLP,2",MI
113 GAS-101575-000 7115B34*FOL RG, STFG BOX GAS-102074-000 AC9B*VLV ASSY, PL TYPE GAS-102373-A15 CH024*CHAN,PIPE CLP,2-1/2",MI
114 GAS-101576-000 7115B3644*FOL RG, STFG BOX GAS-102080-000 AD2R*BAF DISC, PIN GAS-102374-A15 CH030*CHAN, PIPE CLP,3", MI
115 GAS-101578-000 7116-A/B*GL, F/DBL THD BOX GAS-102081-000 B1*BRG, CRK, COMP GAS-102375-A15 CH040*CHAN,PIPE CLP,4",MI
116 GAS-101580-000 7160-G*GSKT SET F/BEV LE GAS-102082-000 B1-CN*CONE, CRK BRG 65010521 GAS-102376-A15 CH060*CHAN,PIPE CLP,6",MI
117 GAS-101581-000 7161-A/B*CYL HD,HEAVY F/1" STU GAS-102083-000 B1-CP*CUP, CRK BRG 65013228 GAS-102377-A15 CH80*CHAN,PIPE CLP,8",MI
118 GAS-101582-000 7161-A/S*CYL HD,HEAVY F/1" STU GAS-102084-000 B10*GSKT, CRK RET RG GAS-102378-A15 CH100*CHAN,PIPE CLP,10",MI
119 GAS-101585-000 7163B26*BOX, STFG/OPN AC/M316 GAS-102085-000 B11S*CON ROD COMPLETE GAS-102379-A15 CH120*CHAN,PIPE CLP,12",MI
120 GAS-101586-000 7163B30*BOX, STFG/OPN AD/M316 GAS-102087-000 B12*BOLT & NUTS, CON ROD GAS-102380-A15 CH140*CHAN,PIPE CLP/OPN AN
121 GAS-101588-000 7163B34*BOX, STFG/OPN AF/M316 GAS-102088-B10 B12*BLT,CONNROD,STL GAS-102382-C05 CH180*CHAN,PIPE CLP,18",STL
122 GAS-101589-000 7163B36*BOX, STFG/OPN AG/M316 GAS-102089-000 B13*BRG, CON ROD GAS-102383-C05 CH200*CHAN,PIPE CLP,20",STL
123 GAS-101597-000 7300-AG*GSKT SET, LE GAS-102090-000 B14*SHIM SET, CON ROD GAS-102384-C05 CH220*CHAN,PIPE CLP,22",STL
124 GAS-101600-C05 7303*COV,VLV,STL GAS-102091-000 B15*BSHG. CON ROD GAS-102385-C05 CH240*CHAN,PIPE CLP,24",STL
125 GAS-101621-000 7500B*BOD, LE GAS-102092-000 B16DI*CROSSHEAD/OPN AA/M351 GAS-102388-C05 CH300*CHAN,PIPE CLP,30",STL
126 GAS-101623-000 7500-G*GSKT SET, LE GAS-102093-B27 B17*PIN,XHD,STL GAS-102390-C05 CH360*CHAN,PIPE CLP,36",STL
127 GAS-101627-000 7500-WG*GSKT SET, LE GAS-102095-000 B2GI*HSG, CRK BRG GAS-102417-000 D1*BRG, CRK, COMP
128 GAS-101630-000 7600B*BOD, LE GAS-102096-000 B20*GSKT, XHD SIDE HH GAS-102418-000 D1-CN*CONE, CRK BRG
129 GAS-101632-000 7600-G*GSKT SET, 3776 LE GAS-102097-000 B21GI*BOX, STFG, C-CASE GAS-102419-000 D1-CP*CUP, CRK, BRG
130 GAS-101634-000 7800-M/B*BOD,L.E. 3"BORE GAS-102098-000 B22*GSKT, STFG BOX GAS-102420-000 D10*BRG, PIN
131 GAS-101635-000 7800-MF/B*BOD,L.E. 3"BOR GAS-102099-000 B24S*GL, STFG BOX GAS-102421-000 211*SPACER, PIN BRG
132 GAS-101636-000 7800-S/B*BOD,L.E. 2-1/2 BORE GAS-102100-000 B25/14*RING,PKG,P.E. GAS-102422-000 D12*HSG, PIN F/3 BRG
133 GAS-101637-000 7800-SF/B*BOD,L.E. 2-1/2 BORE GAS-102109-000 B27*GSKT, FLG GAS-102423-000 D13*GSKT, PIN BRG HSG
134 GAS-101646-C06 7870*LE,STL,TPD,BIL GAS-102111-000 B28GI*BOX, STFG GAS-102424-C05 D14*COV,PIN BRG HSG,STL
135 GAS-101649-A03 7886*GLD,LE,14,BRZ/OPN AE GAS-102112-000 B29*GSKT, STFG BOX, FLAT GAS-102425-000 D15*GSKT
136 GAS-101653-000 7900B*BOD, LE GAS-102113-000 B3*SHIM SET, CRK BRG, ALUM GAS-102426-000 D16*RET RG, INNER PIN
137 GAS-101680-000 8100-G*GSKT SET, LE GAS-102114-A03 B30*GLD,LE,11,BRZ GAS-102427-000 D17*GSKT,LEFT MAIN BRG HSG
138 GAS-101681-000 8100-L/B*BOD, LE, 4"BORE GAS-102116-000 B30S*GL, STFG BOX GAS-102428-000 D18*OIL RET, OUTER PIN
139 GAS-101682-000 8100-S/B*BOD, LE, 3"BORE GAS-102117-000 B31/740/14*PKG,LIP TYPE GAS-102429-000 D19S*RET RG, OUTER PIN
140 GAS-101686-000 8101B*CYL HD/VLV COV GAS-102118-000 4205-P*LNR PLR, 1/2 EYE BOLT GAS-102430-000 D2*HSG, CRK BRG
141 GAS-101687-000 8101S*CYL HD/VLV CVR GAS-102121-000 B35S/CR*ROD, PSTN, ST/ME19 GAS-102432-000 D21*SHIM SET, CON ROD
142 GAS-101689-000 8111/8382330*PKG PS-838-23-7 GAS-102122-000 B35FH*ROD, PSTN, ST/MB25 GAS-102433-000 D22*PL, XHD HH
143 GAS-101689-477 8111/8582330*PKG 2-3/8 X 3 GAS-102123-000 B35SS*ROD, PSTN, ST/M278 GAS-102434-000 D23*GSKT, XHD HH PL
144 GAS-101690-000 REPLACED BY 218-258206-370 GAS-102124-000 B35S*ROD, PSTN, ST/MB25 GAS-102435-000 D24S*CYL HD
145 GAS-101696-A03 8114*GLD,LE,2440,BRZ/OPN 006 GAS-102125-000 B36B*GUARD, VLV, PL TYPE GAS-102436-000 D25*GSKT, CYL HD (CFS)
146 GAS-101706-A03 8138*ADPTR,GLD,20-22,BRZ,THD GAS-102126-B35 B37*SPR,HLCL,10#,BRS/OPN AG GAS-102459-000 D28*GSKT, LIN CFS
147 GAS-101707-A03 8138*ADPTR,GLD,24-30,BRZ,THD GAS-102127-000 B38GI*BOX, STFG, THD, LE GAS-102462-000 D29B*SET SCR L/NUT
148 GAS-101710-000 814*BRG, COMP, WORM THRUST GAS-102128-000 B39GI*GL, STFG BOX, THD GAS-102463-000 D29S*SET SCR L/NUT
149 GAS-101713-C01 J82*GLD,LE,2440/OPN AB/M308 GAS-102130-000 B40B*FOL RG, THD GAS-102464-000 D3*SHIM SET, CRK BRG, ALUM