National Gaso Wheatley Plunger And Piston Pump Parts List 22


National, NOV, Gaso and Wheatley Pumps And Parts For Sale At Permian Pump And Power, LLC In Odessa Texas - In The West Texas Permian Basin


Parts B341A0603303B9 - B640A1203750A

1 B341A0603303B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.125, B B353B0766002 PLUNGER, BX-10/BD-28 1.875, CO B370A0624900 DISCHARGE VALVE STOP, BD-60 1.
2 B341A0603303P Throat Bushing, BD-6 B353B0766002T PLUNGER, BX-10/BD-28 1.875, B370A0624900D Discharge Valve Stop
3 B341A0603303S2 Throat Bushing, BD-6 B353B0766003 PLUNGER, BX-10/BD-28 2.000, CO B370A0624900S DISCHARGE VALVE STOP, BD-60 1.
4 B341A0604301 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.250, C B353B0766003R Plunger, BX-10/BD-28 B370A0644000 DISCHARGE VALVE STOP
5 B341A0604301-S THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.250, 3 B353B0766004C PLUNGER, BD-28RO 1.875, CERAMI B370A0695400 Discharge Valve Stop
6 B341A0604302 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.375, C B353B0766004R PLUNGER, BD-28RO 1.875, ROKIDE B370A0741900 DISCHARGE VALVE STOP, BD-60 SL
7 B341A0604302B9 Throat Bushing, BD-6 B353B0766004S PLUNGER, BD-28RO 1.875, COLMON B370A0742000 DISCH. VALVE STOP, BD-60HP .87
8 B341A0604401 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.500, B353B0837801 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.125, COL B370A0863500 Discharge Valve Stop
9 B341A0604401S Throat Bushing, BD-6 B353B0837801C PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.125, CER B370B0610600 Discharge Valve Stop
10 B341A0604402 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.625, C B353B0837801R PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.125, ROK B370B0610600S Discharge Valve Stop
11 B341A0604403 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.750, C B353B0837801T PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.125, TUN B370B0639200 Discharge Valve Stop
12 B341A0604403B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.750, B B353B0837803 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.250, COL B370B0639300 Discharge Valve Stop
13 B341A0604491B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.500, B B353B0837803C PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.250, CER B370B0672300 Discharge Valve Stop
14 B341A0622120S Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837803R PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.250, ROK B370B0672300S DISCHARGE VALVE STOP, BD-60 2.
15 B341A0622124 Throat Bushing, BD-6 B353B0837803T PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.250, TUN B370B0727700 DISCHARGE VALVE STOP, BD-30 1.
16 B341A0622124S Throat Bushing, BD-6 B353B0837803W PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.250, WAL B370B0727700-S Discharge Valve Stop
17 B341A0622126 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837805 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.375, COL B370B0727700S2 DISCHARGE VALVE STOP, BD-30 1.
18 B341A0622128 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837805K PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.375, COB B370B07277TPS Valve Cover Plug, BD
19 B341A0622130 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837805R PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.375, ROK B370B0827900 Discharge Valve Stop
20 B341A0622132 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837805T PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.375, TUN B370B1132900 Discharge Valve Stop
21 B341A0622134 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837805W PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.375, WAL B370B1132900-1 DISCH. VALVE STOP, BD-28 1""
22 B341A0622136 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837807 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.500, COL B370B1132900S Discharge Valve Stop
23 B341A0622138 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837807C PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.500, CER B370B1151001B9 Discharge Valve Stop
24 B341A0622140 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837807R PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.500, ROK B370C0102000 DISCH. VALVE STOP, BX-10 2""
25 B341A0622142 Throat Bushing BD-60/85 LC 2.6 B353B0837807T PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.500, TUN B377A1225037 Piston Liner, BD-120
26 B341A0622144 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837809 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.625, COL B40LG150C PLGR 1.50 CR TD BTH B-40
27 B341A0622146 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837809R Plunger, MX-3/BD-28 B40LG175C PLGR 1.75 CR TD BTH LNG B-40
28 B341A0622148 Throat Bushing BD-60 B353B0837809T PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.625, TUN B40LG200C PLGR 2.00 CR TD BTH LNG B-40
29 B341A0625402B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.000, B B353B0837809W PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.625, WAL B40LG225C PLGR 2.25 CR TD BTH LNG B-40
30 B341A0625402N THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.000, N B353B0837902 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.750, COL B40SM125C PLUNGER, 1-1/4 CER BETH B40
31 B341A0625404 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.125, C B353B0837902C PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.750, CER B5VX760 ULTRA V-BELTS B76
32 B341A0625404B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.125, B B353B0837902K PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.750, COB B601A0281504B9 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-28HP
33 B341A0731701 THROAT BUSHING, BX-10/BD-28 1. B353B0837902R PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.750, ROK B601A0602903P Male Packing Adapter, BD-60/10
34 B341A0731702 THROAT BUSHING, BX-10/BD-28 1. B353B0837902T PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.750, TUN B601A0850814B9 Male Packing Adapter
35 B341A0731702B9 Throat Bushing, BX-1 B353B0837904 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.875, COL B601A0887100 FEMALE ADAPTER, 1.75 PLUNGER B
36 B341A0731702P2 Throat Bushing, BX-1 B353B0837904K PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.875, COB B601A0900500B9 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-28HP
37 B341A0731703 THROAT BUSHING, BX-10/BD-28 2. B353B0837904R PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.875, ROK B601A1008800B9 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-28RO
38 B341A0740101 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 0.3 B353B0837904T PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.875, TUN B601A1008900B9 FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-28R
39 B341A0740101S1 Throat Bushing, MX-3 B353B0837906 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.000, COL B601A7401442B9 Male Packing Adapter
40 B341A0740102 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 0.5 B353B0837906R PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.000, ROK B601A8201522 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-30 1.
41 B341A0740102B9 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 0.5 B353B0837906T PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 1.000, TUN B601A8301528 Male Packing Adapter
42 B341A0799000 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.250 SP B353B0897102 Plunger, BX-125/BX-1 B601A8301528P Male Packing Adapter
43 B341A0814300 THROAT BUSHING, BX-125 2.250 L B353B0908528 Plunger, BD-60 1.750 B601A9101412 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
44 B341A1009100 THROAT BUSHING, BX-125 2.250, B353B0916564T Plunger, BD-120/165 B601A9101412P2 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
45 B341A1202500 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.500 S B353B0916564W PLUNGER, BD-120/165 LC 4.000 V B601A9101414P MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
46 B341A1220136B9 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353B1025403 PLUNGER, BD-60SL 1.125, COLMON B601A9101416 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
47 B341A1220138B9 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353B1025403R PLUNGER, BD-60SL 1.125, ROKIDE B601A9101416P MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
48 B341A1220140B9 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353B1077800 PLUNGER, BD-60SL 1.000, COLMON B601A9101420P MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
49 B341A1220142B9 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353B1110105S PLUNGER, BD-60 1.750, COLMONOY B601A9101422P MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
50 B341A1220144B9 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353B1160100 Plunger, BD-60 2.500, Colmonoy B601A9101424 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
51 B341A1220146B9 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353B1171200 Plunger, BD-60 1.750, Colmonoy B601A9101424P MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
52 B341A1220148B9 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353B1187500 PLUNGER, BD-60 2.125 VAPORLESS B601A9101426 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
53 B341A1220150B9 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353B1251812 PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 1.812, B601A9101428P MALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/BD-
54 B341A1220170B9 Throat Bushing, BD-120/165 B353B1560106T PLUNGER, BD-60HP 0.750, TUNGST B601A9201422 Male Packing Adapter, 120X, BD
55 B341A1252750 THROAT BUSHING, BX-125 2.750, B353C0585201 Plunger, BD-120 2.87 B601A9201424P MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-30 1.
56 B341A1560806B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60HP 0.750, B353C0585202W Plunger, BD-120 3.12 B601A9201426P Male Packing Adapter, 120X, BD
57 B341B0669401 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 0.6 B353C0585203 PLUNGER, BD-120 3.375, COLMONO B601A9301416B9 Male Packing Adapter
58 B341B0669401B9 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 0.6 B353C0585203W Plunger, BD-120 3.37 B601A9301420P Male Packing Adapter
59 B341B0669402 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 0.7 B353C0603201 PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 3.000, B601A9301422 Male Packing Adapter
60 B341B0669402-1 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 0.7 B353C0603202 PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 2.875, B601A9301422P Male Packing Adapter
61 B341B0669402B9 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 0.7 B353C0603203 PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 2.750, B601A9301422S MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-30/BQ
62 B341B0669402P2 Throat Bushing, MX-3 B353C0603205 PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 2.500, B601A9301424 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-60/BQ
63 B341B0669403 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 0.8 B353C0603206 Plunger, BX-125/BX-1 B601A9301426 Male Packing Adapter
64 B341B0669403B9 Throat Bushing, MX-3 B353C0603207 PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 2.250, B601A9301426P MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-30/BQ
65 B341B0669403S Throat Bushing, MX-3 B353C0603207C PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 2.250, B601A9301428 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-30/BQ
66 B341B0669404 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 1.0 B353C0604106 PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 3.500, B601A9301438P MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-60/BQ
67 B341B0669404B9 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 1.0 B353C0610203 Plunger, BX-125/BX-1 B601A9401452P MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-120 3
68 B341B0669404S Throat Bushing, MX-3 B353C0671509 Plunger, BX-125/BX-1 B601B1285400 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-120 2
69 B341B0669405 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 1.1 B353C0699205 PLUNGER, BX-50/BX-70 1.500, CO B601B1285500 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-120 2
70 B341B0669405S Throat Bushing, MX-3 B353C0821901 PLUNGER, BD-120 1.000, COLMONO B601B1404300B9 MALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-120 1
71 B341B0669406 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 1.2 B353C0821902 PLUNGER, BD-120 1.125, COLMONO B602A0602903P FEMALE ADAPTER RING BD-60/100
72 B341B0669406B9 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 1.2 B353C0821903 PLUNGER, BD-120 1.250, COLMONO B602A7411542B9 Female Packing Adapt
73 B341B0669407 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 1.3 B353C0821903T PLUNGER, BD-120 1.250, TUNGSTE B602A8211522 FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-30
74 B341B0669407-S Throat Bushing, MX-3 B353C0821904 PLUNGER, BD-120 1.375, COLMONO B602A9111412 FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
75 B341B0669408 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 1.5 B353C0821905 PLUNGER, BD-120 1.500, COLMONO B602A9111412P2 FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
76 B341B0669408B9 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 1.5 B353C0821905T Plunger, BD-120 1.50 B602A9111414P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
77 B341B0669408-S SUPERSEDED BY B341B0669408S B353C0821906 PLUNGER, BD-120 1.625, COLMONO B602A9111416 FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
78 B341B0669409 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 1.6 B353C0821906T PLUNGER, BD-120 1.625, TUNGSTE B602A9111416P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
79 B341B0669409B9 THROAT BUSHING, MX-3/BD-28 1.6 B353C0821907 PLUNGER, BD-120 1.750, COLMONO B602A9111420P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
80 B341B0720501 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.000, C B353C0821908 PLUNGER, BD-120 1.875, COLMONO B602A9111422P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
81 B341B0720502 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.125, C B353C0822001 PLUNGER, BD-120 2.000, COLMONO B602A9111424 FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
82 B341B0720502B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.125, B B353C0822001T PLUNGER, BD-120 2.000, TUNGSTE B602A9111424P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
83 B341B0720503 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.250, C B353C0822001W PLUNGER, BD-120/165 2.000, WAL B602A9111426 FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
84 B341B0720503B9 Throat Bushing, BD-3 B353C0822002 PLUNGER, BD-120 2.125, COLMONO B602A9111428P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, MX-3/B
85 B341B0720504 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.375, C B353C0822002C PLUNGER, BD-120 2.125, CERAMIC B602A9211422 FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-30
86 B341B0720505 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.500, C B353C0822002T Plunger, BD-120 2.12 B602A9211424P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-30
87 B341B0720505B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.500, B B353C0822003 PLUNGER, BD-120 2.250, COLMONO B602A9211426 Female Packing Adapt
88 B341B0720505F THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.500, 1 B353C0822003C Plunger, BD-120 2.25 B602A9211426P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-30
89 B341B0720505P THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.500, P B353C0822004 PLUNGER, BD-120 2.375, COLMONO B602A9311416B9 Female Packing Adapt
90 B341B0720505S Throat Bushing, BD-3 B353C0822004R PLUNGER, BD-120 2.375, ROKIDE B602A9311420P Female Packing Adapt
91 B341B0720506 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.625, C B353C0822004T PLUNGER, BD-120 2.375, TUNGSTE B602A9311422 Female Packing Adapt
92 B341B0720507 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.750, C B353C0822005 PLUNGER, BD-120 2.500, COLMONO B602A9311422P Female Packing Adapt
93 B341B0720508 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 1.875, C B353C0822005C PLUNGER, BD-120 2.500, CERAMIC B602A9311422S FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-60/
94 B341B0720509 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 2.000, C B353C0822005R PLUNGER, BD-120 2.500, ROKIDE B602A9311424 FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-60/
95 B341B0720510 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 2.125, C B353C0822005W PLUNGER, BD-120 2.500, WALLEX B602A9311426P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-60/
96 B341B0720511 THROAT BUSHING, BD-30 2.250, C B353C0822006 PLUNGER, BD-120 2.750, COLMONO B602A9311428 FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-60/
97 B341B0740102 THROAT BUSHING, CX-5 0.500 CI B353C0822007 PLUNGER, BD-120 3.000, COLMONO B602A9311434P Female Packing Adapt
98 B341B0740102B9 THROAT BUSHING, CX-5 0.500 NAB B353C0822008 PLUNGER, BD-120 3.250, COLMONO B602A9311438P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-60/
99 B341B0786204 THROAT BUSHING, BX-125 2.500, B353C0822008C Plunger, BD-120 3.25 B602A9311440P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-60/
100 B341B0831001P THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 1.250, B353C0822008R PLUNGER, BD-120 3.250, ROKIDE B602A9411452P FEMALE PACKING ADAPTER, BD-120
101 B341B0831002B9 Throat Bushing, BD-120 1.375, B353C0822008S PLUNGER, BD-120 3.250, COLMONO B602B0729109P FEMALE ADAPTER RING BD-30/60 2
102 B341B0831002P THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 1.375, B353C0822008T PLUNGER, BD-120 3.250, TUNGSTE B603A0602500 PACKING BACK-UP RING BD-60 2.5
103 B341B0831003P THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 1.500, B353C0822009 PLUNGER, BD-120 3.500, COLMONO B603A7421642B9 Lantern Ring, BD-120
104 B341B0831004B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 1.625, B353C0822009C PLUNGER, BD-120 3.500, CERAMIC B603A8221522 LANTERN RING, BD-30 1.375 S-L,
105 B341B0831004P Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353C0822010 PLUNGER, BD-120 3.750, COLMONO B603A8321528P Lantern Ring, BD-60
106 B341B0831005P Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353C0822011 PLUNGER, BD-120 4.000, COLMONO B604A0281505B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-28HP 0.563
107 B341B0831006B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 1.875, B353C0822011C PLUNGER, BD-120 4.000, CERAMIC B604A0850914B9 Gland Follower, BD-6
108 B341B0831007 Throat Bushing, BD-120 2.000, B353C0822011S PLUNGER, BD-120 4.000, COLMONO B604A0900500B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-28 0.500 LU
109 B341B0831007P THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.000, B353C0822020 PLUNGER, BD-120 2.750 SPECIAL, B617A0619903 VALVE COVER GASKET,
110 B341B0831008 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.125, B353C1090100 PLUNGER, BD-120 2.375 SPECIAL, B617A0619903-2 VALVE COVER GASKET,
111 B341B0831009 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.250, B353C1093500 PLUNGER, BD-120 2.625, COLMONO B617A0619904 VALVE COVER GASKET,
112 B341B0831009P THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.250, B353C1093500T PLUNGER, BD-120 2.625, TUNGSTE B617A0619905 VALVE COVER GASKET, BX-75/100
113 B341B0831010 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.375, B353C1093500W PLUNGER, BD-120 2.625, WALLEX B617A0619906 VALVE COVER GASKET,
114 B341B0831010P THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.375, B353C1162200 Plunger, BD-120 2.62 B617A0619907 VALVE COVER GASKET,
115 B341B0831011 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.500, B353C1207700 Plunger, BD-240 2.50 B617A0619908 VALVE COVER GASKET,
116 B341B0831011P THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.500, B353C1251700X Plunger, BD-120 3.75 B617A0619909 VALVE COVER GASKET,
117 B341B0831012 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.750, B353C1253438C Plunger, BX-125/BX-1 B617A0620001 VALVE COVER GASKET, MX-3/BX-10
118 B341B0831014B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 3.250, B353C1316700S PLUNGER, BD-120 1.875, COLMONO B617A0620002 VALVE COVER GASKET, MX-3/BX-10
119 B341B0831014P THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 3.250, B353C1316701S Plunger, BD-120 1.62 B617A0620002-1 DISC. VALVE COVER GS
120 B341B0831015B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 3.500, B353C1326250C Plunger, BQ-200, 2.6 B617A0639603 VALVE COVER GASKET, MX-3/BX-10
121 B341B0831015P THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 3.500, B353C1341003 Plunger, BD-240/BQ-4 B6196B0608403 VALVE COVER GASKET BD-30 1.5
122 B341B0831016 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353C1345700 Plunger, BD-240/BQ-4 B619B0608401 VALVE COVER GASKET, BD-60 2.5
123 B341B0831016P Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353C1345700S Plunger, BD-240/BQ-4 B619B0608401-1 VALVE COVER GASKET, BD-60 2.5
124 B341B0831017B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 4.000, B353D0679401 PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 3.000, B619B0608401-3 VALVE COVER GSKT, BD-60 2.5 CY
125 B341B0831017P THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 4.000, B353D0679402R Plunger, BX-125/BX-1 B619B0608401-9 VALVE COVER GSKT, BD-60 2.5, S
126 B341B0831018 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353D0679402T PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 3.125, B619B0608402 VALVE COVER GASKET, BD-60 1.75
127 B341B0831018B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.625, B353D0679403P PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 3.250, B619B0608402-1 VALVE COVER GASKET, BD-60 1.75
128 B341B0831019 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353D0679404 PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 3.375, B619B0608403 VALVE COVER GASKET, BD-30 1.5
129 B341B0831019B9 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353D0679408 PLUNGER, BX-125/BX-150 3.625, B619B0608403-1 VALVE COVER GASKET, BD-30 1.5
130 B341B0831020P2 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B353D0679408S Plunger, BX-125/BX-1 B619B0608405 VALVE COVER GASKET, BD-30 2.25
131 B341B0831021P2 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B354A1221500 Piston Rod Assy, BD- B619B0608406 VALVE COVER GASKET,
132 B341B0882802 THROAT BUSHING, BX-125 3.625, B359A0281501 SUCTION MANIFOLD BD-28UHI 5/8" B619B0836506 VALVE COVER GASKET, BD-60 1.75
133 B341B0883103 THROAT BUSHING, BX-125 3.000 L B359A0281501F5 Suction Manifold, BD B619B0836507 Valve Cover Gasket,
134 B341B0883103N THROAT BUSHING, BX-125 3.000, B359A0851601 Suction Manifold, BD B620B0608100 GASKET, CRANKCASE COVER BD-60/
135 B341B0921256 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B359A0851701S Suction Manifold, BD B620B0608100-9 GASKET, CRANKCASE COVER BD-60
136 B341B0921260 Throat Bushing, BD-1 B359C0102866 SUCTION MANIFOLD, BD-120C 4" B620B0625400 GASKET, CRANKCASE COVER BD-30
137 B341B1266000N THROAT BUSHING, BD-120 2.500, B359C0106912 Suction Manifold, BD B620B0640700 GASKET, CRANKCASE COVER BQ-100
138 B341B1422300B9 Throat Bushing, BD-2 B359C1204001-F1 Suction Manifold, Fl B620B0822600 GASKET, CRANKCASE COVER CX-5
139 B341B1423500B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-8060 4.000, B359C1204002-F1 Suction Manifold, BD B620B0823400 GASKET, CRANKCASE COVER BX-10/
140 B353A0850712T Plunger, BD-60UH 0.7 B359D0680200 Suction Manifold, BD-120 B Cyl B620B0854100 GASKET, CRANKCASE & INSPECTION
141 B353A0850714T PLUNGER, BD-60UH 0.875, TUNGST B359D0680200S SUCTION MANIFOLD, BD-120 B CYL B620B0865800 Gasket, Crankcase Co
142 B353B0609601 PLUNGER, BD-60 1.250, COLMONOY B359D0680300S Suction Manifold, BD-120 B Cyl B620B1254900 Gasket, Crankcase Co
143 B353B0609601T Plunger, BD-60 1.250 B360A0281502 DISCHARGE MANIFOLD, BD-28UHI, B620C0600300 Gasket, Crankcase Co
144 B353B0609602 PLUNGER, BD-60 1.375, COLMONOY B360A0281502F5 Discharge Manifold, B620C0820501 GASKET, CRANKCASE COVER BD-120
145 B353B0609603 PLUNGER, BD-60 1.500, COLMONOY B360A0851602 Discharge Manifold, B620C1030400 GASKET, CRANKCASE COVER BQ-200
146 B353B0609603T PLUNGER, BD-60 1.500, TUNGSTEN B360A0851702S Discharge Manifold, B620C1168300 Gasket, Crankcase Co
147 B353B0609604 PLUNGER, BD-60 1.625, COLMONOY B360C0103255 DISCHARGE MANIFOLD, BD-120C 3" B621B0865700 Gasket, Inspection C
148 B353B0609604T PLUNGER, BD-60 1.625, TUNGSTEN B360C1203001-F1 Discharge Manifold, B621C0896300 GASKET, INSPECTION COVER BQ-10
149 B353B0609604TD Plunger, BD-60 1.625 B360C1203002-F1 Discharge Manifold, B621C1030200 GASKET, INSPECTION COVER BQ-20
150 B353B0609605 PLUNGER, BD-60 1.750, COLMONOY B360D0680300 Discharge Manifold, BD-120 "B" B621C1030201 GASKET, INSPECTION COVER BD-12
151 B353B0609605R PLUNGER, BD-60 1.750, ROKIDE B360D0680300S DISCHARGE MANIFOLD, BD-120 B C B621C1203700 GASKET, INSPECTION COVER BD-60
152 B353B0609605S Plunger, BD-60 1.750 B360D0680301 Discharge Manifold, B621C1367000 GASKET, INSPECTION COVER BD-30
153 B353B0609605T PLUNGER, BD-60 1.750, TUNGSTEN B360D0733900S DISCHARGE MANIFOLD, BQ-200 C C B622B0647501 STUFFING BOX GASKET, MX-3/BX-1
154 B353B0625101 PLUNGER, BD-60 1.875, COLMONOY B362A0724800 LOCKING RING, 1.75 L B622B0647501-9 STUFFING BOX GSKT. BX-10 DELRI
155 B353B0625101T Plunger, BD-60 1.875 B362A0772800 GLAND LOCKING RING, B622B0647502 STUFFING BOX GASKET, BD-60 1-1
156 B353B0625102 PLUNGER, BD-60 2.000, COLMONOY B362B1422400-D LOCKING RING, BQ-400 B622B0647503 STUFFING BOX GASKET, BD-30 1.5
157 B353B0625102C PLUNGER, BD-60 2.000, CERAMIC B362B1423800 LOCKING RING, BD-806 B622B0647504 STUFFING BOX GASKET, MX-3/BX-1
158 B353B0625103 PLUNGER, BD-60 2.125, COLMONOY B366A0281508 STUFFING BOX FLANGE, BD-28HP 5 B622B0647505 STUFFING BOX GASKET, BD-60 1.7
159 B353B0625103R Plunger, BD-60 2.125 B366A0622120 Flange, Stuffing Box B622B0647506 STUFFING BOX GASKET, BD-30 2.2
160 B353B0625103S Plunger, BD-60 2.125 B366A0622120S Flange, Stuffing Box B622B0647507 STUFFING BOX GASKET, BD-60 2.5
161 B353B0625103T Plunger, BD-60 2.125 B366A0623020 Flange, Stuffing Box B622B0647507-9 STUFFING BOX GSKT, BD-60, S.DU
162 B353B0625103W PLUNGER, BD-60 2.125, WALLEX B366A1223120 Stuffing Box Flange, B622B0647508 STUFFING BOX GASKET
163 B353B0625104 PLUNGER, BD-60 2.250, COLMONOY B366A1224420 Stuffing Box Flange, B622B0647511 STUFFING BOX GASKET,
164 B353B0625104R Plunger, BD-60 2.250 B366B0765700 STUFFING BOX FLANGE, BX-10/BD- B622B0647512 STUFFING BOX GASKET
165 B353B0625104T PLUNGER, BD-60 2.250, TUNGSTEN B366B0765700B9 STUFFING BOX FLNG, B B622B0647513 STUFFING BOX GASKET
166 B353B0625104W PLUNGER, BD-60 2.250, WALLEX B366B0787200 STUFFING BOX FLANGE, B622B0647514 STUFFING BOX GASKET, TX-125 #3
167 B353B0625105 PLUNGER, BD-60 2.375, COLMONOY B366B0821300 Stuffing Box Flange, B622B0647516 STUFFING BOX GASKET,
168 B353B0625105C PLUNGER, BD-60 2.375, CERAMIC B366B0822100 STUFFING BOX FLANGE, BX-10/BD- B622B0647517 STUFFING BOX GASKET,
169 B353B0625105R PLUNGER, BD-60 2.375, ROKIDE B366B0822300 Stuffing Box Flange, B622B0647518 STUFFING BOX GASKET,
170 B353B0625105T Plunger, BD-60 2.375 B366B0822300S1 Stuffing Box Flange, B623A0619501 GASKET, CROSSHEAD STUB SEAL CA
171 B353B0625105W Plunger, BD-60 2.375 B366B0823200 Stuffing Box Flange, B623A0619502 GASKET, CROSSHEAD STUB SEAL CA
172 B353B0625106 PLUNGER, BD-60 2.500, COLMONOY B366B0854200 Stuffing Box Flange, B623A0619503 GASKET, CROSSHEAD STUB SEAL CA
173 B353B0625106C PLUNGER, BD-60 2.500, CERAMIC B366B0854400 Stuffing Box Flange, B623A0619503-9 CRSSHD SEAL CAP GSKT, BD-60 S.
174 B353B0625106R PLUNGER, BD-60 2.500, ROKIDE B366B0854400S STUFFING BOX FLANGE. MX-3, 1" B623A0619506 Gasket, Crosshead St
175 B353B0625106S PLUNGER, BD-60 2.500, COLMONOY B366C0588500 STUFFING BOX FLNG, BD-120 B VP B624A0000100 Gasket, Crank Bearin
176 B353B0625106T PLUNGER, BD-60 2.500, TUNGSTEN B366C0588501 STUFFING BOX FLNG, B B624A0583000 GASKET, LUBRICATOR B
177 B353B0625110 Plunger, BD-60 3.000 B366C0603900 Stuffing Box Flange, B624B1016901 Thrust Bearing Stud
178 B353B0625197 Plunger, BD-60 2.625, Colmonoy B366C0603900S STUFFING BOX FLNG, B B624B1016903 Main Bearing Stud Ga
179 B353B0639101 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.625, COL B366C0609300 Stuffing Box Flange, BD-60 1.7 B624B1016922 GASKET, LUBRICATOR B
180 B353B0639101C Plunger, MX-3/BD-28 B366C0615000 STUFFING BOX FLNG, B B624B1254300 GASKET, BD-240 POWER
181 B353B0639101T Plunger, MX-3/BD-28 B366C0615001 STUFFING BOX FLNG, B B624B1263600 GASKET, BQ-400
182 B353B0639102T PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.563, TUN B366C0625800 Stuffing Box Flange, B624BVE20/1 GASKET SET, BX-10 PO
183 B353B0639103 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.500, COL B366C0630200 Stuffing Box Flange, B624BVE20/3 GASKET SET, BD-30 POWER END
184 B353B0639103T Plunger, MX-3/BD-28 B366C0637800 Stuffing Box Flange, B624BVE20/6 GASKET SET, BD-60 PO
185 B353B0639104T Plunger, MX-3/BD-28 B366C0637800S1 Stuffing Box Flange, B624C0640600 COVER GASKET, BD-60 GEAR PAC B
186 B353B0639105 PLUNGER, MX-3/BD-28 0.375, COL B366C0644600 Stuffing Box Flange, B624-DVE-20/4 POWER END GSKT PACK, BQ-100 OL
187 B353B0639105T Plunger, MX-3/BD-28 B366C0644700 Stuffing Box Flange, B625A0602003S ADJUSTMENT SLEEVE, 2-PLATE TOP
188 B353B0645601 PLUNGER, BD-30 1.625, COLMONOY B366C0711000 Stuffing Box Flange, BQ-100, B625A0602005S Support Spacer, 2-Pl
189 B353B0645601W PLUNGER, BD-30 1.625, WALLEX B366C0821100 Stuffing Box Flange, BD-120 B625A0603803 Sleeve, BD-30/60 Top
190 B353B0645602 PLUNGER, BD-30 1.750, COLMONOY B366C0821101 Stuffing Box Flange, B625A0603803S SLEEVE, BD30/60 TOP
191 B353B0645602R PLUNGER, BD-30 1.750, ROKIDE B366C0821200 Stuffing Box Flange, B625A0603804 SLEEVE, BD-30/60 TOP
192 B353B0645602T PLUNGER, BD-30 1.750, TUNGSTEN B366C1069600 Stuffing Box Flange, B625A060380X Support Spacer Sleev
193 B353B0645603 PLUNGER, BD-30 1.875, COLMONOY B366C1340900-D Stuffing Box Flange, B625A0603903 Support Sleeve, Top Mount BD-3
194 B353B0645603T Plunger, BD-30 1.875 B366C5021060 STUFFING BOX FLANGE, BD-60, RE B625A0789200 SLEEVE, CX-5/BX-10 T
195 B353B0645604 PLUNGER, BD-30 2.000, COLMONOY B367B0822000 CYLINDER HEAD VALVE COVER, CX- B625A0789203 Sleeve, CX-5/BX-10 T
196 B353B0645604R PLUNGER, BD-30 2.000, ROKIDE B367B0871800 CYLINDER HEAD COVER, B625A0802402 Support Sleeve, BD-1
197 B353B0645605 PLUNGER, BD-30 2.125, COLMONOY B367C0625700 Cylinder Head Extens B625A0802405 Support Sleeve, BD-1
198 B353B0645605R PLUNGER, BD-30 2.125, ROKIDE B367C0625701 CYLINDER HEAD EXTENTION USE B3 B625A1202003 Sleeve
199 B353B0645606 PLUNGER, BD-30 2.250, COLMONOY B367C0847500 CYLINDER HEAD VALVE COVER, BX- B626A030000A Top Motor Mount Assy
200 B353B0645606T Plunger, BD-30 2.250 B368A0625700 CYLINDER HEAD EXTENSION, BD-30 B626A030000B Top Motor Mount Assy
201 B353B0657601 PLUNGER, BD-30 1.000, COLMONOY B368B0729101S2 CYLINDER HEAD EXTENSION, BD-30 B626A030000C Top Motor Mount Assy
202 B353B0657602 PLUNGER, BD-30 1.125, COLMONOY B368B0747600 Cylinder Head Extension B626A051028A Top Motor Mount Assy
203 B353B0657602T PLUNGER, BD-30 1.125, TUNGTEN B368B0747600D Cylinder Head Extens B626A051028A-256T Top Motor Mount Assy
204 B353B0657603 PLUNGER, BD-30 1.250, COLMONOY B368B0747600S CYLINDER HEAD EXTENSION, BD-60 B626A051028B Top Motor Mount Assy
205 B353B0657603C PLUNGER, BD-30 1.250, CERAMIC B368B0780000 Cylinder Head Extens B626A060000A Top Motor Mount Assy
206 B353B0657603R Plunger, BD-30 1.250 B368B1012100 Cylinder Head Extens B626A060000B Top Motor Mount Assy
207 B353B0657604 PLUNGER, BD-30 1.375, COLMONOY B368B1037800 Cylinder Head Extens B626A060000C Top Motor Mount Assy
208 B353B0657604C PLUNGER, BD-30 1.375, CERAMIC B368C0603800 CYLINDER HEAD EXTENSION, BD-60 B626A060000D Top Motor Mount Assy
209 B353B0657604R PLUNGER, BD-30 1.375, ROKIDE B368C0609100 Cylinder Head Extens B626A060000E Top Motor Mount Assy
210 B353B0657604T PLUNGER, BD-30 1.375, TUNGSTEN B368C0609100S Cylinder Head Extens B626A0602000 Top Motor Mount Assy
211 B353B0657605 PLUNGER, BD-30 1.500, COLMONOY B368C0644400 Cylinder Head Extens B626A0602001 Lower Motor Plate, B
212 B353B0657605C PLUNGER, BD-30 1.500, CERAMIC B368C0659900 CYLINDER HEAD EXTENSION, BD-30 B626A0602002 Upper Motor Plate, B
213 B353B0657605R PLUNGER, BD-30 1.500, ROKIDE B368C0760600S CYL. HEAD EXTEN, BD-60 2.5 CYL B626A120000A Top Motor Mount Assy
214 B353B0657605T PLUNGER, BD-30 1.500, TUNGSTEN B368C0788600 CYLINDER HEAD EXTENS B626C0605300 Motor Plate, Top Mou
215 B353B0657705 PLUNGER, BD-60 1.000, COLMONOY B368C0845600 CYLINDER HEAD EXT, B B626C0605301 Motor Plate, BD-60 T
216 B353B0657705C PLUNGER, BD-60 1.000, CERAMIC B369A0771900 SUCTION VALVE STOP T B626C0633500 Motor Plate, BD-30 T
217 B353B0657705R Plunger, BD-60 1.000 B369A0772000 SUCTION VALVE STOP, B626C0700700 Motor Plate, BQ-100
218 B353B0657705S PLUNGER, BD-60 1.000, COLMONOY B369B0766300 Suction Valve Stop, B626C0821800 Motor Plate, BD-120
219 B353B0657705T PLUNGER, BD-60 1.000, TUNGSTEN B369B0766300-S SUCTION VALVE STOP, BX-10 2" B626D0625600 Motor Plate, CX-5/BX
220 B353B0657705X Plunger, BD-60 1.000, 440C/Dia B369B0826300 SUCTION VALVE STOP, MX-3/BD-28 B626D0625601 Motor Plate, BX-10/B
222 B353B0657707T PLUNGER, BD-60 1.125, TUNGSTEN B369B0826400 SUCTION VALVE STOP, MX-3/BD-28 B62D238A03N4BAD Triplex pump,BD165MC,DUPLEX SS
223 B353B0657797 PLUNGER, BD-60 1.125 SPECIAL, B369B0826400S SUCTION VALVE STOP, MX-3/BD-28 B640A0392360UA Belt Guard Assy, BD-
224 B353B0675904 PLUNGER, BD-60 0.875, COLMONOY B370A0604700 Discharge Valve Stop, MX-3/BX- B640A051028UA Belt Guard Assy, MX-
225 B353B0690704 Plunger, BD-60 2.187 B370A0604700S Discharge Valve Stop B640A060025UA Belt Guard Assy, BD-
226 B353B0766001 PLUNGER, BX-10/BD-28 1.750, CO B370A0604800 Discharge Valve Stop B640A060028UA Belt Guard Assy, BD-
227 B353B0766001R PLUNGER, BX-10/BD-28 1.750, RO B370A0604800S Discharge Valve Stop B640A1203750A Belt Guard Assy, BD-