National Gaso Wheatley Plunger And Piston Pump Parts List 21


National, NOV, Gaso and Wheatley Pumps And Parts For Sale At Permian Pump And Power, LLC In Odessa Texas - In The West Texas Permian Basin


Parts B32B0836100 - B341A0603303

1 B320B0836100 VALVE, SUC/DIS, BD-60 1.125 CY B337B0628900 STUFFING BOX, MX-3/BX-10 0.500 B339B0669608 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.5
2 B320B08361AR VALVE, SUC/DIS, BD-60 1-1/8" B337B0628900S Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339B0669608S GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.5
3 B320B0853700 VALVE, SUC/DIS BX-50 2.5/BX-11 B337B0628901 Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339B0669609 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.6
4 B320B0872200 VALVE, DISCH, BX-125/150, #2 C B337B0631900 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339B0669701 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.6
5 B320B0873000 VALVE, SUC/DISCH, BX-125 #3 CY B337B0632000 STUFFING BOX, BD-60 1.500-1.75 B339B0669701B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.6
6 B320B0878300 VALVE, BX-125/150 #4 CYL B337B0632100 STUFFING BOX, BD-60 2.250-2.50 B339B0669703 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.8
7 B320B0885000 VALVE, SUC/DIS, BX-90/115 #3 C B337B0632100S Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339B0669703B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.8
8 B320B0885900 VALVE, SUCTION, BX-125/150, #2 B337B0644100 STUFFING BOX, BD-30 2.000-2.25 B339B0669703S Gland Follower, MX-3
9 B320B0886000 VALVE, DISCH, BX-125/150, #2 C B337B0644200 Stuffing Box, BD-30 B339B0669704 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.0
10 B320B0886600 VALVE, SUC/DIS, TX-1 B337B0644300 STUFFING BOX, BD-30 1.250-1.50 B339B0669705 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.1
11 B320B0898300 VALVE, SUC/DIS, BX-9 B337B0644300S Stuffing Box, BD-30 B339B0669705B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.1
12 B320B1039800 VALVE, SUC/DIS, TX-1 B337B0644300S2 STUFFING BOX, BD-30 1.250-1.50 B339B0669705S Gland Follower, MX-3
13 B320C10174AR Valve Assy, BD-120 C B337B0644400 Stuffing Box, BD-30 B339B0669706 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.2
14 B320C10316D0 VALVE ASSY, BD-120 C CYLINDER, B337B0644400S STUFFING BOX, BD-30 1.000-1.12 B339B0669706B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.2
15 B320C1045200 VALVE, SUC/DIS, BD-120/200 A C B337B0675300 STUFFING BOX, BD-60 1.000-1.12 B339B0669707 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.3
16 B320C120316C SUCT/DISCH VALVE DISC, BD-120 B337B0675300S Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339B0669707B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.3
17 B321A0517501 PLATE VALVE ASSY, DELRIN/316, B337B0675301 STUFFING BOX, BD-60 1.000-1.12 B339B0669707S Gland Follower, MX-3
18 B321A0851699 Valve Assembly, BD-6 B337B0684800 Stuffing Box, BX-125 B339B0669708 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.5
19 B321A9243031 DISCHARGE VALVE ASSY B337B0690800 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339B0669708B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.5
20 B322A0281506 VALVE SEAT, BD-28HP 5/8" CYLIN B337B0699800 Stuffing Box, BD-30 B339B0669709 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.6
21 B322A0281507 VALVE CAGE, BD-28HP 5/8" CYLIN B337B0747900 Stuffing Box, BX-125 B339B0669709B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.6
22 B322A0801200 SEAT, BD-120/BQ-200 B CYL B337B0755000 STUFFING BOX, BX-125 3.625 BOR B339B0720101 Gland Follower, BD-3
23 B322A0801201 SEAT, BD-120 B CYL, F/DELRIN D B337B0765188 Stuffing Box, BX-10L B339B0720102 Gland Follower, BD-3
24 B322A0801202 VALVE SEAT, SUC/DIS BD-120/BQ B337B0765300 Stuffing Box, BX-10/ B339B0720103 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.250 LU
25 B322A0801202S VALVE SEAT, SUC/DIS BD-120/BQ B337B0765300B9 Stuffing Box, BX-10/ B339B0720103B9 Gland Follower, BD-3
26 B322A0801800 VALVE SEAT, BD-120 C (FOR B002 B337B0777600 Stuffing Box, BX-125 B339B0720104 Gland Follower, BD-3
27 B322A0851607 Valve Cage, BD-60UH B337B0842200 Stuffing Box, BX-125 B339B0720105 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.500 LU
28 B322A0851608 Seat, BD-60UH B337B1110200S Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339B0720106 Gland Follower, BD-3
29 B322B0607400 SEAT, SUC/DIS, BD-60 B337B1132000 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339B0720107 Gland Follower, BD-3
30 B322B0808600 SEAT, BD-60 2.5 CYLINDER B337B1560900 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339B0720108 Gland Follower, BD-3
31 B322B0808700 SEAT, SUCTION/DISCHARGE, BD-60 B337C0588400 STUFFING BOX, BD-120 2.625 VAP B339B0720109 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 2.000 LU
32 B322B0808800 SEAT, SUC/DIS, BD-30 2.25 CYL B337C0820701 Stuffing Box, BD-120/BQ-200 1. B339B0720110 Gland Follower, BD-3
33 B322B0809000 SEAT, SUC/DIS, MX-3/BD-28 1.5 B337C0820702 Stuffing Box, BD-120/BQ-200 1. B339B0720111 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 2.250 LU
34 B322B0809001 SEAT, SUC/DIS, MX-3/BD-28 1.5 B337C0820801 STUFFING BOX, BD-120/BQ-200 1. B339B0720701 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.000 V-
35 B322B0809099 SEAT, SUC/DIS, BX-10/BD-28 AR B337C0820801B Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720702 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.125 V-
36 B322B0824300 SEAT, SUC/DIS, BD-60 1.125 CYL B337C0820801F Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720702B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.125 V-
37 B322B08243AR SEAT, SUC/DIS, BD-60 1-1/8"" B337C0820801S Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720703 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.250 V-
38 B322B0824400 SEAT, SUC/DIS, BD-30 1.5 CYL B337C0820802 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720704 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.375 V-
39 B322B0824500 SEAT, SUCTION VALVE, BD-60 SL- B337C0820803 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720705 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.500 V-
40 B322B0824600 SEAT, DISCHARGE VALVE, BD-60 S B337C0820803F2 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720706 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.625 V-
41 B322B0824800 SEAT, SUCTION VALVE, BX-10/BD- B337C0820804 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720707 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.750 V-
42 B322B0824900 SEAT, SUCTION/DISCHARGE, MX-3/ B337C0820804-S STUFFING BOX, BD-120/BQ-200 2. B339B0720708 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.875 V-
43 B322B0853600 SEAT, SUC/DIS BX-50 2.5/BX-115 B337C0820901 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720709 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 2.000 V-
44 B322B0872300 SEAT, BX-125/150 #2 CYL B337C0820901-S Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720710 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 2.125 V-
45 B322B0872900 SEAT, SUC/DISCH, BX-125 #3 CYL B337C0820902 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720711 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 2.250 V-
46 B322B0878200 SEAT, SUC/DIS, BX-125 #4 CYL B337C0820903 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720901 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.000 SQ
47 B322B0885100 SEAT, SUC/DIS, BX-90/115 #3 & B337C0833800 Stuffing Box, BX-50 B339B0720902 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.125 SQ
48 B322B0886700 SEAT, SUC/DIS, TX-12 B337C0841400 Stuffing Box, BX-125 B339B0720902B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.125 SQ
49 B322B1078400 SEAT, SUC/DIS, BD-60SL 1.125 C B337C0842200 Stuffing Box, BX-125 B339B0720903 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.250 SQ
50 B322B1193200 SEAT, SUC/DIS, BD-120 A CYL B337C0842501 Stuffing Box, BX-125 B339B0720904 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.375 SQ
51 B322C0745300 SEAT, PLATE VALVE BX-150 #4 (N B337C0910602 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720904B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.375 SQ
52 B322C0869900 SEAT, BX-125/150/BQ-300 #4 CYL B337C0910603 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720905 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.500 SQ
53 B322C120316C SUCT/DISCH VALVE SEAT, BD-120 B337C1112200 STUFFING BOX, BD-28 0.750-1.00 B339B0720905B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.500 SQ
54 B322C12040V1 DELRIN DISC, BD-120 C CYLINDER B337C1112200S STUFFING BOX, BD-28 0.750-1.00 B339B0720905F GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.500 SQ
55 B332C0866500 VALVE CAGE, BD-120/BQ-200 A CY B337C1112202 Stuffing Box, BD-28 B339B0720905P GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.500 SQ
56 B334A0100625 Packing Spring, MX-3 B337C1148600 Stuffing Box, BD-28 B339B0720906 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.625 SQ
57 B334A0101000 PACKING SPRING, MX-3/BD-28 TO B337C1148601 Stuffing Box, BD-28 B339B0720907 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.750 SQ
58 B334A0101250 PACKING SPRING, MX-3 TO BD-28 B337C1199300 Stuffing Box, BX-125 B339B0720908 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.875 SQ
59 B334A0101625 PACKING SPRING BX-10 TO 1.625 B337C1316601 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720908B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 1.875 SQ
60 B334A0102000 PACKING SPRING, BX-10 1.750 TO B337C1341100-D Stuffing Box, BQ-400 B339B0720909 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 2.000 SQ
61 B334A0281509 DISCHARGE VALVE SPRING, BD-28H B337C1343800 Stuffing Box, BD-806 B339B0720910 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 2.125 SQ
62 B334A0281510 Suction Valve Spring B337C1351401 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339B0720911 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-30 2.250 SQ
63 B334A0301500 PACKING SPRING, BD-30 1.250-1. B337C1820802 STUFFING BOX, BD-120 B CYL 1.8 B339B0729109P GLAND FOLLOWER BD-30/60 2"" P
64 B334A0301875 Packing Spring, BD-3 B338A0621640B9 Gland Nut, BD-60 MC B339B0740001 Gland Follower, MX-3
65 B334A0302250 PACKING SPRING, BD-30 TO 2.250 B338A0621640D1 Gland Nut, BD-60 MC B339B0740002 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.5
66 B334A0625600 SPRING, SUC/DIS, BD-60 1.125 C B338A0621640S3 Gland Nut, BD-60 MC B339B0740002B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.5
67 B334A0666100 DISCH. VALVE SPRING, TD-60 1.1 B338A0622140B9 Gland Nut, BD-60 MC B339B0754801 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.7
68 B334A0737900 PACKING SPRING, BD-60/BQ-100 T B338A0622140S Gland Nut, BD-60 MC B339B0754801-1 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.7
69 B334A0748102 SPRING, SUC/DIS, BD-60 1.75 (S B338A0623040 Gland Nut, BD-60 LC B339B0754801B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.7
70 B334A0800800 SPRING, SUC/DIS VALVE, BD-120 B338A0625102S Gland Nut, BD-60 1.0 B339B0754801P2 Gland Follower, MX-3
71 B334A0851609 Valve Spring, BD-60U B338A0625103 Gland Nut, BD-60 1.0 B339B0754804 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.3
72 B334A0900500 PACKING SPRING, MX-3/BD-28 TO B338A0625103B9 Gland Nut, BD-60 1.0 B339B0765501 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-10/BD-28 1.
73 B334A1223590 Packing Spring, BD-1 B338A0625103S GLAND NUT, BD-60 1.125 PLUNGER B339B0765502 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-10/BD-28 1.
74 B334A1224190 Packing Spring, BD-1 B338A0851604 Gland Nut, BD-60UH B339B0765502P2 Gland Follower, BX-1
75 B334A8331528 Packing Spring, Vapo B338A1224140 Gland Nut, BD-120/165 B339B0765503 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-10/BD-28 2.
76 B334A8331528G1 Packing Spring, BD-6 B338A1224140S Gland Nut, BD-120/BD B339B0769402 Gland Follower, BX-1
77 B334B0000125 SPRING, SUC/DIS, TX- B338A1224440 Gland Nut, BD-120/ B339B0831000 Back-Up Ring, Packin
78 B334B0614100 SPRING, BD-60 1.75 CYL (SPECIA B338B0607101 Gland Nut, BD-60 1.8 B339B0831100 Back-Up Ring, Packin
79 B334B0616101 SPRING, BD-60 2.5 CYLINDER, ME B338B0607101E Gland Nut, BD-60 1.8 B339B0831101 Back-Up Ring, Packin
80 B334B0616101-6 SPRING (M), BD-60 2.5 CYL INCN B338B0607102 Gland Nut, BD-60/BQ- B339B0831102B9 Back-Up Ring, Packing BD-120 1
81 B334B0616101D8 SPRING (M), SUC/DIS, BD-60 2.5 B338B0607102B9 GLAND NUT, BD-60/BQ-100 2.250- B339B0831104 Back-Up Ring, Packin
82 B334B0616101X SPRING (M), SUC/DIS, BD-60 2.5 B338B0607102S Gland Nut, BD-60/BQ- B339B0831104B9 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 1
83 B334B0616102 SPRING (H), SUC/DIS, BD-60 2.5 B338B0607103 Gland Nut, BD-60 2.6 B339B0831106B9 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 1
84 B334B0616102D8 SPRING (H), SUC/DIS, BD-60 2.5 B338B0611501 Gland Nut, BD-60 1.2 B339B0831107 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
85 B334B0616102X SRING (H), SUC/DIS, BD-60 2.5 B338B0611501B9 Gland Nut, BD-60 1.2 B339B0831108 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
86 B334B0616103 SPRING (L), SUC/DIS, BD-60 2.5 B338B0611501-S GLAND NUT, BD-60 1.250-1.375, B339B0831109 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
87 B334B0634701 SPRING, SUC/DIS, BD-30/BX-10 1 B338B0611502 Gland Nut, BD-60 1.5 B339B0831109P BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
88 B334B0634702 SPRING (SAME AS B334 B338B0611502B9 GLAND NUT, BD-60 1.500-1.750, B339B0831110 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
89 B334B0634801 SPRING, SUC/DIS, BD-30 2.25 CY B338B0611502-S GLAND NUT, BD-60 1.500-1.750, B339B0831110B7 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
90 B334B0634802 SPRING, VALVE BD-30 2.25 CYL. B338B0624801 Gland Nut, BD-30 1.0 B339B0831110P BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
91 B334B0634803 SPRING, SUCTION VALVE, BD-30 2 B338B0624801S GLAND NUT, BD-30 1.000-1.125, B339B0831111 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
92 B334B0717601 SPRING, SUC/DIS VALVE, BX-70 B338B0624802 GLAND NUT, BD-30 1.250-1.500, B339B0831111P BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
93 B334B0717602 SPRING, BX-125/150 #2 CYL B338B0624802E GLAND NUT, BD-30 1.250-1.500, B339B0831112 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
94 B334B0717603 SPRING, BX-125/150 # B338B0624802S GLAND NUT, BD-30 1.250-1.500, B339B0831113 Back-Up Ring, Packin
95 B334B0717609 SPRING, SUC/DIS TX-5 B338B0627701 Gland Nut, BD-30 1.6 B339B0831113B9 Back-Up Ring, Packin
96 B334B0717611 SPRING, BX-125 #4 CYL (SUCTION B338B0627702 Gland Nut, BD-30 2.0 B339B0831114B9 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 3
97 B334B0717612 SPRING, SUCTION, BX-125 #3 CYL B338B0760101 Gland Nut, BD-60 1.7 B339B0831114P BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 3
98 B334B0717613 SPRING, DISCHARGE, BX-125 #3 C B338B0765400 Gland Nut, BX-10/BD- B339B0831115B9 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 3
99 B334B0717614 SPRING, BX-125 #4 CYL (DISCHAR B338B0765400B9 Gland Nut, BX-10/BD- B339B0831116 Back-Up Ring, Packin
100 B334B0717615 SPRING, SUCTION/DISCHARGE, MX- B338B0765400-S GLAND NUT, BX-10/BD-28 1.750-2 B339B0831117B9 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 4
101 B334B0717615D8 SPRING, SUC/DIS, BX-10 1.5" CY B338B0837600 GLAND NUT, MX-3/BD-28 0.500-0. B339B0831117P BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 4
102 B334B0717616 SPRING, HEAVY DUTY (BX-10) B338B0837600S Gland Nut, MX-3/BD-2 B339B0831118 Back-Up Ring, Packin
103 B334B0717629 SPRING, SUC/DIS, BX-10 2" CYL B338B0839200 GLAND NUT, MX-3/BD-28 0.750-1. B339B0831118B9 BACK-UP RING, PACKING BD-120 2
104 B334B0717630 SPRING, SUCTION/DISHCARGE, BD- B338B0839200F GLAND NUT, MX-3/BD-28 0.750-1. B339B0831119 Back-Up Ring, Packin
105 B334B0717630X Valve Spring, BD-60 B338B0839200S GLAND NUT, MX-3/BD-28 0.750-1. B339B0831119B9 Back-Up Ring, Packin
106 B334B0717711 SPRING, BX-150 #3 CYL. B338B0839301 GLAND NUT, MX-3/BD-28 1.125-1. B339B0831120 Back-Up Ring, Packin
107 B334B0717716 SPRING, SUC/DIS VALVE, BX-125 B338B0839301E Gland Nut, MX-3/BD-2 B339B0831120P2 Back-Up Ring, Packin
108 B334B0717731 SPRING, SUC/DIS VALVE, BD-120 B338B0839302 GLAND NUT, MX-3/BD-28 1.375-1. B339B0831121 Back-Up Ring, Packin
109 B334B0717735 SPRING, SUCTION, BD-120 B CYL. B338B0839302-B Gland Nut, MX-3/BD-2 B339B0831121P2 Back-Up Ring, Packin
110 B334B0717736 VALVE SPRING, BD-120 B CYLINDE B338B0839302-S Gland Nut, MX-3/BD-2 B339B0831122 Back-Up Ring, Packin
111 B334B0717736-1 VALVE SPRING, BD-120 B CYL INC B338B0856901 Gland Nut, BX-125 TO B339B0831123 Back-Up Ring, Packin
112 B334B0717736X Valve Spring, BD-120 B338B0856901F4 Gland Nut, BX-125 TO B339B0844101 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.3
113 B334B0762123 PACKING SPRING, 1 &1 B338B0856902 Gland Nut, BX-125 TO B339B0844102 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.5
114 B334B0762145 SPRING, PACKING, 4" B338B0856903 Gland Nut, BX-125 TO B339B0879503 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-125 2.125,
115 B334B1171700G SPRING, SUCT/DISCH, BD-120 C C B338B0856903N Gland Nut, BX-125 TO B339B0883001B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-125 3.500,
116 B334B1560206 SPRING FOR BD-60HP, .750" PLU B338B0885291 Gland Nut, BX-125 #4 B339B0883002 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-125 3.625,
117 B334C0820603 PACKING SPRING, BD-60/BD-120 B338B1423700 Gland Nut, TD-8060 4 B339B0883403 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-125 3.000 L
118 B334C0820604 PACKING SPRING, BD-60/BD-120 B338B1477600 Gland Nut, BD-120 B B339B0883403N GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-125 3.000,
119 B334C0820605 PACKING SPRING, BD-60/BD-120 ( B338B1477601 Gland Nut, BD-120 2. B339B0921056 Gland Follower, BD-1
120 B334C0820605X Packing Spring, BD-6 B338C0911602 Gland Nut, BD-120/16 B339B0921060 Gland Follower, BD-1
121 B334C0820606 PACKING SPRING, BD-120 (2.250- B338C0911603 Stuffing Box Gland, B339B1171300 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.750 SP
122 B334C0820606-7 PACKING SPRING, BD-120 B CYL B339A0100875 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-10 .875"" B339B1285100 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-120 2.375,
123 B334C0820606-A Packing Spring, BD-1 B339A0100875B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, 0.875 BX-10 SP B339B1344001 Gland Follower, BQ-4
124 B334C0820606X Packing Spring, Inco B339A0602500 GLAND FOLLOWER BD-60 2.500"" B339B1383600 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-125 2.250 L
125 B334C0820607 PACKING SPRING, BD-120 (2.75-3 B339A0602801 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.250 LU B339B1398000N Gland Follower, BD-2
126 B334C0820608 PACKING SPRING, BD-120 (3.25-3 B339A0602802 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.375 LU B339B1423600B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-8060 4.000,
127 B334C0820608X PACKING SPRING, BD-120 (3.25-3 B339A0602803 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.500 LU B339B9108300 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.875, C
128 B334C0820609 PACKING SPRING, BD-120 (3.75-4 B339A0602903P GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.500 LU B339C1251900N1 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-120 3.250,
129 B334C0820611 PACKING SPRING, BD-60/BQ-100 ( B339A0603101 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.875 LU B339C1316800 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-120 1.875 V
130 B334C0820611X PACKING SPRING, BD-60 TO 2.50 B339A0603102 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.000 LU B339C1340000 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-120 2.125 V
131 B334C0820687-7 SPRING, STUFF. BOX, B339A0603103 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.125 LU B339C1340800D Gland Follower, BQ-4
132 B334C12040S3 VALVE SPRING, BD-120 C CYLINDE B339A0603103B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.125 LU B339C1343900 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-8060 4.000
133 B334C12040S4 VALVE SPRING, BD-120 C CYLINDE B339A0604101 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.250 LU B339C1422200B9 Gland Follower, BQ-4
134 B334C120600C SUCT/DISCH VALVE SPRING, BD-12 B339A0604101S Gland Follower, BD-6 B340A0602901 LANTERN RING, BD-60 2.250, CS
135 B336B0831301 Spring Retainer, BD- B339A0604102 Gland Follower, BD-6 B340A0602902 LANTERN RING, BD-60 2.375, CS
136 B336B0831302 SPRING RETAINER, BD-120 B CYL B339A0604201 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.500 LU B340A0602903 LANTERN RING, BD-60 2.500, CS
137 B336B0831303 ADAPTER, SPRING BD-120 2.125 B339A0604201S Gland Follower, BD-6 B340A0603201 LANTERN RING, BD-60 1.875, CS
138 B336B0831303B9 SPRING ADAPTOR, BD-120 B339A0604202 Gland Follower, BD-6 B340A0603202 LANTERN RING, BD-60 2.000, CS
139 B336B0831305 ADAPTER, SPRING BD-120 3.250-3 B339A0604202S Gland Follower, BD60 B340A0603203 LANTERN RING, BD-60 2.125, CS
140 B336B0831305S ADAPTER, SPRING BD-120 3.250-3 B339A0604203 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.750 LU B340A0603203B9 LANTERN RING, BD-60 2.125, BRN
141 B336B0831308 ADAPTER, SPRING BD-120 2.375 B339A0604203B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.750 LU B340A0604501 Lantern Ring, BD-60
142 B336B0831318B9 SPRING ADAPTOR, BD-120 B339A0604281B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.500 S/ B340A0604501S Lantern Ring, BD-60/
143 B337A0221430D1 Stuffing Box, MX-3/BD-28 MC, B339A0623802 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.375, C B340A0604502 Lantern Ring, BD-60
144 B337A0222030D1 Suffing Box, BX-10/B B339A0623901 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.500, C B340A0604502B9 Lantern Ring, BD-60
145 B337A0281503 STUFFING BOX, BD-28HP 5/8 CYL B339A0623901B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.500, B B340A0604601 Lantern Ring, BD-60
146 B337A0281503F5 Stuffing Box, BD-28H B339A0623901S Gland Follower, BD-6 B340A0604601S Lantern Ring, BD-60
147 B337A0621331D1 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0623902 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.625, C B340A0604602 Lantern Ring, BD-60
148 B337A0621630D1 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0623903 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.750, C B340A0604602S Lantern Ring, BD-60/
149 B337A0621631D1 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0623903-S GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.750, 3 B340A0604603 LANTERN RING, BD-60 1.750, CS
150 B337A0622130D1 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0623991B9 PACKING GLAND RING, BD-60 1.50 B340A0604603B9 LANTERN RING, BD-60 1.750, BRN
151 B337A0622131D1 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0624001 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.875, C B340A0720301 LANTERN RING, BD-30 1.000, CS
152 B337A0622430 Stuffing Box BD-60 L B339A0624001S GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.875, 3 B340A0720301B9 LANTERN RING, BD-30 1.000, BRN
153 B337A0622430D1 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0624002 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.000, C B340A0720302 Lantern Ring, BD-30
154 B337A0622431D1 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0624002B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.000, B B340A0720303 Lantern Ring, BD-30
155 B337A0622730D1 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0624003 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.125, C B340A0720304 Lantern Ring, BD-30
156 B337A0622731D1 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0624003B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.125, N B340A0720305 LANTERN RING, BD-30 1.500, CS
157 B337A0623030 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0624101 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.250, C B340A0720306 Lantern Ring, BD-30
158 B337A0623031D1 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A0624102 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.375, C B340A0720307 Lantern Ring, BD-30
159 B337A0851603 Stuffing Box, BD-60U B339A0624103 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.500, C B340A0720308 Lantern Ring, BD-30
160 B337A0851703S Stuffing Box, BD-60V B339A0624103B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 2.500, B B340A0720309 LANTERN RING, BD-30 2.000, CS
161 B337A1222530D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0624103P2 Gland Follower, BD-6 B340A0720310 Lantern Ring, BD-30
162 B337A1222532D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0624104 Gland Follower, BD-60 2.625, C B340A0720311 LANTERN RING, BD-30 2.250, CS
163 B337A1223130 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0624107 Gland Follower, BD-6 B340A1202500 LANTERN RING, BD-120 2.500 SPE
164 B337A1223130D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0672603N Gland Follower, BD-6 B340A1221270B9 Lantern Ring, BD-120/165
165 B337A1223131D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0704603B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.000 SP B340A1252750 LANTERN RING, BX-125 2.750, CS
166 B337A1223132D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0704604 Gland Follower, BD-6 B340B0669501 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 0.625
167 B337A1223530D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0704604B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.125, B B340B0669502 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 0.750
168 B337A1223531 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0740001 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-10 0.375, C B340B0669503 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 0.875
169 B337A1223531D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0740001S1 Gland Follower, MX-3 B340B0669503B9 Lantern Ring, MX-3/B
170 B337A1223532D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0740002 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-10 0.500 NL B340B0669504 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 1.000
171 B337A1224130D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0794603B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60 1.000 LU B340B0669504S Lantern Ring, MX-3/B
172 B337A1224131D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A0867200 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-125 3.375, B340B0669505 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 1.125
173 B337A1224131Y Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A1009000 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-125 2.250, B340B0669506 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 1.250
174 B337A1224132D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A1202500 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-120 2.500 S B340B0669507 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 1.375
175 B337A1224430 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A1220336B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0669508 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 1.500
176 B337A1224430D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A1220338B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0669508S LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 1.500
177 B337A1224431D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 LC 4.250- B339A1220340B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0669509 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 1.625
178 B337A1224432D1 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A1220342B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0669702 Lantern Ring, BX-10/
179 B337A1292530 Stuffing Box, BD-120 B339A1220344B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0720303 LANTERN RING, BD-30 1.250
180 B337B0606800 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A1220346B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0720303B9 Lantern Ring, BD-30
181 B337B0606900 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A1220348B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0720305 LANTERN RING, BD-30 1.500, CS
182 B337B0611200 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A1220350B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0720307 Lantern Ring, BD-30
183 B337B0611200S Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A1220352B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0720309 LANTERN RING, BD-30 2.000, CS
184 B337B0611300 STUFFING BOX, BD-60 1.500-1.75 B339A1220354B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0720311 LANTERN RING, BD-30 2.250, CS
185 B337B0611300S Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A1220356B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0844201 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 0.375
186 B337B0611301 Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339A1220358B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0844202 LANTERN RING, MX-3/BD-28 0.500
187 B337B0611600 STUFFING BOX, MX-3/BX-10 1.375 B339A1220360B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0879403 LANTERN RING, BX-125 2.125, CS
188 B337B0611600B Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339A1220362B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0882902 LANTERN RING, BX-125 3.625, CS
189 B337B0611600S Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339A1220364 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0883203 LANTERN RING, BX-125 3.000, CS
190 B337B0611601 Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339A1220364B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0921156 Lantern Ring, BD-120
191 B337B0611603 Stuffing Box, BD-28 B339A1220364S Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B0921160 Lantern Ring, BD-120
192 B337B0611604 Stuffing Box, BD-28 B339A1220366B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B1285300N Lantern Ring, BD-120
193 B337B0612900 STUFFING BOX, MX-3/BX-10 0.750 B339A1220368B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B1342300N1 LANTERN RING, BD-120 3.250, NI
194 B337B0612900F Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339A1220370B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340B1383700 LANTERN RING, BX-125 2.250, CS
195 B337B0612900S Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339A1220372B9 Gland Follower, BD-1 B340C1341200B9 LANTERN RING, BD-8060 2.875, B
196 B337B0612901 Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339A1221370B9 Gland Follower, BD-120/165 B340C1344000B9 LANTERN RING, BD-8060 4.000, B
197 B337B0612901S Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339A1252750 GLAND FOLLOWER, BX-125 2.750, B341A0100875 PKG ADAPTER RING,BX-10 .875""
198 B337B0613600 STUFFING BOX, MX-3/BX-10 1.125 B339A1560706B9 GLAND FOLLOWER, BD-60HP 0.750, B341A0100875B9 THROAT BUSHING, 0.875 BX-10 SP
199 B337B0613600S Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339A9321424 GLAND FOLLOWER 1.500"" BD-60 1 B341A0603001 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.250, C
200 B337B0613601 STUFFING BOX, MX-3/BX-10 1.125 B339A9321438P GLAND FOLLOWER, BD60/BQ100 2.3 B341A0603001N THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.250, N
201 B337B0613601S Stuffing Box, MX-3/B B339B0669601 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.6 B341A0603002 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.375, C
202 B337B0613602 STUFFING BOX, BD-28 1.125-1.25 B339B0669602 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.7 B341A0603003 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.500, C
203 B337B0624700 Stuffing Box, BD-30 B339B0669603 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 0.8 B341A0603003B9 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.500, B
204 B337B0626600 STUFFING BOX, BD-60 1.875-2.12 B339B0669603B9 Gland Follower, MX-3 B341A0603003P THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.500, P
205 B337B0626600S Stuffing Box, BD-60 B339B0669604 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.0 B341A0603004 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.625, C
206 B337B0627200 Stuffing Box, BD-30 B339B0669604S Gland Follower, MX-3 B341A0603301 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 1.875, C
207 B337B0627200B9 STUFFING BOX, BD-30 2.000-2.25 B339B0669605 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.1 B341A0603301S Throat Bushing, BD-60 1.875 SS
208 B337B0627300 Stuffing Box, BD-30 B339B0669606 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.2 B341A0603302 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.000, C
209 B337B0628600 Stuffing Box, BD-30 B339B0669607 GLAND FOLLOWER, MX-3/BD-28 1.3 B341A0603303 THROAT BUSHING, BD-60 2.125, C